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The Anti-Injustice Movement (aka AIM Clika) uses various creative and  non-violent methods to fight against global injustice. One of these  methods involves performing and promoting intelligent underground  political hip-hop from around the globe, particularly 'raptivism.' Thus  'The AIM Raptivist Collective' is composed of a growing number of  ethically minded emcees, mostly from the US and UK, who want to use  their music to raise people's awareness about injustice in all it's many  forms. They all work individually but they choose to help our cause and in turn we help their music get heard.

The official AIM US members who spit for the cause are legendary 'atheist rapper'
Greydon Square (the man who unknowingly inspired me to create the whole movement), the Latino revolutionary funk master; Gabe "V-Non" Rosales, the lyrical assassin; Stream of Consciousness, the prodigy; Perseverance, Ecuador's Che Guevara; SAI, the anti-NWO truther Enki, UK Heavy Hitter; Lyrical Agent, the Human Animal, Jehuniko, the hip hop philosopher; Proclaim, Philly's Sharp Spitter; MC Therapist, the Insurgent; Knew Eyes, Florida's Finest; AdeKwit, and the female Iranian Spoken Word MC who can more than hold her own with the boys; Paria B. The super talented producer Kwervo from Demonios Sekt and super spinning female DJ DUWOPRose have also recently taken AIM. Through working globally we can grant our  artists opportunities to collab and perform with other talented conscious hip-hop artists from different parts of the world, and even  bring artists from different countries together for international  tours. 

In November 2010 we hosted a tour in the UK called the I Want Justice Tour which featured US headliners Capital-'X' and  Jehuniko, and UK AIM emcees Brent Lee Regan and Lyrical Agent. We were  also joined by guest artist Xidus Pain and World Class Beatboxer Bigg Taj. The  AIM works hard to promote these hip-hop hoods with hearts on a regular basis, not for money, but because their talent and wisdom merits our  support and in turns helps our movement raise awareness about the various campaigns and causes that we are involved in. 

We all want to  work together to improve the world and make hip-hop a positive means of  expression and activism, unlike gangsta rap which promotes sexism,  racism, homophobia, violence, drugs and greed. There are no candy  rappers here; just revolutionary rappers packing lyrical semtex. We are all open to having other socially conscious emcees work with The AIM on collaborative projects. Therefore do not hesistate to contact us if you would like to get involved in the movement or would like to work  with any of our artists for profit or non-profit ventures. 

Currently we  are strongly affiliated to a site/group called Real Hip-Hop Forever which promotes socially conscious hip-hop and runs a very successful  hip-hop forum (with many other topics included such as politics, history  and philosophy). The forum is particularly interesting because it is  run via anarchist/libertarian principles. The AIM is also affiliated to  the world famous hip-hop activist movement and socially conscious  clothing brand Guerrilla Republik, and I am their UK chapter leader. The struggle for justice can not be  won via one group, however determined and effective that group may be. Therefore we want to reach out to other freedom fighters to make the struggle for justice one of solidarity.

The AIM Raptivist Collective

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