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Jae Davis, aka AdeKwit, was born in Miami Florida in the heart of the hood. He had an obsession with music from a young age and was bumpin real Hip Hop since Middle School. Writing poetry has always been his other passion in life and in only Grade 8 he was writing incredibly profound and existential material about his life and the universe that housed it. By the age of 11 or 12 he began to combine his two passions and started putting his poetry to beats. Davis had a talent that was apparent to all those around him even if his material would challenge their mental starch mentality about religion and politics.

Davis has suffered from depression throughout his life and his poetry and music has acted not only as a form of creative expression but also as a means of catharsis. His music expresses his personal struggles and deals with issues like atheism, politics, growing up in the hood and conquering the demons which have often lead him towards self-destruction. However his creativity not only serves as a form of self-healing but it also acts as a powerful tool of education for others.

Davis, now known by his emcee name AdeKwit, has been a long time AIM
member and is now part of the collective Grand Unified Theory run by fellow AIM member Greydon Square. Through The Anti-Injustice Movement AdeKwit endeavours to utilize his music to combat injustice, fight for equality and raise awareness about the dangers of religious fundamentalism. Furthermore through Grand Unified Theory he will use his music to raise people's consciousness about the importance of science and rational thinking. AdeKwit is a dedicated atheist and this comes across potently in his music. However like many other members of The Anti-Injustice Movement his AIM is to raise awareness about the dangers of fundamentalist religion but without persecuting liberal theists. Nevertheless his music demands that we should all question everything.

AdeKwit is working on his first mixtape 'The A.L.B.U.M.' and will soon be contributing to the second album by The AIM Raptivist Collective 'Lyrical Warfare Volume 2'. This up and coming emcee may be a new contender in the world of underground hip hop but there is no doubt that his lyricism, flow and music packs one hell of a punch. He is certainly destined to be a Hip Hop heavyweight.




The A.L.B.U.M. Mixtape (Coming soon!)


Piece of Rhyme

Where in the hell can I go to find piece of rhyme?
To give my mind some peace.
So I can spit it how I live and every beats defined.
To shed reality.

Where do I go?
Turn on the radio and all I hear is self indulgence
And people talking nonsense
I’m wondering where is all the substance
A place where money, clothes and cars are not the only options of topics for you
to discuss, just to make a profit.
While gas prices are rising
Homes are foreclosing.
Religious fanatics trying to stop your right to an abortion
Our troops still overseas
And we just murdered Bin Laden
Plus we’re arrogant if we think that’s the end of all our problems
It’s 2011 and people are still homophobic
Claiming it’s contagious to children
That’s absolutely bogus
And everybody’s a “Real Nigga”
I just ignore it
Plus “M.O.B. and Get Money”
Cliché rhetoric’s
I’m not downing anybody I just don’t endorse it
Struggling to make it to the top like a broken forklift
Trying hard to find the picture like a lost portrait
I’ll keep fighting to reach my goals
And never forfeit
I slept through the rapture that was miscalculated
What would you expect from a book that’s outdated?
Camping say’s October 21st would be the worst day
That’s pretty ironic
Because that’s my fucking birthday
So I’ll be drinking and chilling while you wait on an earthquake
Even advanced technology can’t predict when the Earth shakes
So be stupid and follow prophets that’s horrible at adding
And I think it’s actually sad people want this to happen
That’s why I want to find Piece of Rhyme
No limits in rapping
Display pictures with words
Exploiting my passion
Hope my music touches your heart
And reaches the masses
With rhymes that make your body rock
I call it lyrical action.

AIM Florida

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