Street Poetry

Street Poetry

"There's blood in this poetry and I want you to taste it."
(Monte Smith)

Political hip-hop is not the only creative means by which we raise awareness about the immense amount of injustice in the world because we also spit what we call 'Street Poetry'. Poetry just like hip-hop can 'throw words instead of Molotov cocktails' like a form of lyrical activism which educates people to take a stand. Our street poets use rhymes to educate others on the causes which are closest to their own hearts, whether it be creeping theocracy, the need for gay rights, slaying corporate vampires, exposing the cruelty of vivisection, or challenging political sleaze. Both our AIM street/protest poets and the other sessional poets who take the soapbox at our poetry events and rallies all have their own poetic style which creates an atmosphere that is eclectic both aesthetically and ethically, and thus never fails to challenge the apathy of the audience.

At every event or rally our lyrical protesters challenge the status quo by exposing the truths that ordinary people choose not to recognize. However at The AIM we don't work in a slam format because instead of slamming each other we'd rather stand united, but as individual performers, to overcome the rampant individualism which has allowed injustice to propogate in every direction. Our street poets merely want to expose all the nasty stuff that gets swept under the carpet by the powers that be and then empower you to help clean it up. We will deprogramme the minds of all of you who have been lulled into sedation by the soothing lies that surround us.

The AIM Street Poetry Collective

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