Joining The AIM

If you support the work and goals of The AIM then you may wish to apply to become a member and help us to achieve those goals. All documents relating to membership can be found here and details are also below.

AIM Membership Application Process

The following procedure applies to all those wishing to become a member of The AIM.
Applicant actively supports The AIM
Application in Writing
Applicant Agrees to Member Requirements and Rules
Assessment of application by committee
 Applicant/committee member phone interview
Decision by committee
Outcome of application

Stage 1

Applicant actively supports The AIM:

Once the intention to apply has been submitted The AIM will be assessing the level of online activism and how well the applicants goals and values match with The AIM's. This time should be used by the applicant to become involved with The AIM online, it's campaigns, members, affiliates etc in order to show commitment.

Stage 2

Application in writing or Invitation from AIM:

After 2-3 weeks of supporting The AIM the applicant is free to submit an application to AIM HQ or they may be invited to fill one out if the organization head hunts them. This form is available here or on request to AIM HQ. Part of the process of submitting this application is to agree as a member to abide by the rules of membership. During this process the applicant should continue to support The AIM as in stage one and may also want to follow the rules as disclosed in the application form.

Assessment of Application by Committee:

The committee will discuss each application at it's fortnightly meeting and any committee members not present will be sent a copy of the application to be able to submit any questions/thoughts as well. AIM HQ and committee will carry out certain checks on the applicant and verify some of the information submitted. During the vetting process the applicants public profiles and online information may be checked and any questions/concerned complied by the committee. Applicants may be asked to clarify certain points or provide additional information to the committee.

Stage 3

Applicant/Committee Member Phone Interview

During or towards the end of the vetting process a telephone call may take place between a committee member and the applicant. This may be by Skype or via a phone call from HQ and is used to ask/answer any additional questions etc and to clarify the acceptance of the conditions of membership.

Decision by Committee

The committee will make it's final decision by vote based on the outcome of the support shown by the applicant, the application form, the vetting process and the phone call. The decision is made by majority vote of the committee and voting may be carried out during a committee meeting or by email depending on timing. The decision of the committee will be either acceptance or denial and the applicant will be informed in writing of the decision made.


Applicant Accepted:

All new members will undertake a 1 month probation period and during this time AIM HQ and committee will continue to monitor the activity and adherence of the new member. During the probation period any single warning or strike against the new member may jeopardise their continuing membership.

Applicant Denied:

If an application is denied the applicant has the right to receive an explanation as to what led to this decision and is entitled to re-apply for membership after three months. Applicants who are denied membership are still welcome to work with and support The AIM and in some cases may be offered the chance of affiliation depending on the reasons for denial of membership.

AIM Membership Rules 

All members must agree to abide by the following in order to maintain their position as members and any benefits attached to it. 

Members must not commit or endorse violence on behalf of The AIM although The AIM accepts and encourages every persons need to defend themselves in all situations

Members must be non-discriminatory on all grounds including race, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, religion or lack thereof, sex, gender, age, mental or physical disability, political affiliation or lack thereof

Members must not use offensive, aggressive, discriminatory, harassing or bullying language towards AIM members/supporters or on AIM sites/forums/posts etc

Members must not disclose any information deemed confidential by The AIM to non AIM members. Such information will be clearly marked

Members must confirm they stand against Western Militarism, Political Islam and Zionism

Whatever their own personal religion, members must be against theocracy and for secularism

Members must pay monthly dues to The AIM. The suggested amount of membership dues is $10/€8/£7 but members who feel they cannot afford this amount may pay concessionary rates of $5/€4/£3.50 at the discretion of the committee. Anyone wishing to pay an amount above the suggested figures is welcome to do so. During difficult months dues can be wavered after discussion with HQ.

Members must represent The AIM by displaying a banner (leading to the website homepage) on their MySpace/website/blog etc

Members should purchase an AIM t shirt and rep this when possible (events/gigs etc). Discounts apply to members and the basic ones are given for free

Members must submit at least one blog per month to The AIM's blog (it does not have to be original but must be referenced)

Members must commit to one of the 2 street teams and perform approx 5 small actions online per week in support of it as per missions issued

Members must commit at least one hour per week to managing The AIM soc/net sites if possible. Members unable to do this due to other commitments may swap their slot with other members or be left off the rota at the discretion of the committee

As The AIM is an activist organisation it is strongly recommended that members be involved in actions within their local communities where possible

Non-Adherence To Membership Rules

Non-adherence to these rules may, at the discretion of the committee, result in a warning, a strike or even in some cases termination of membership

A member who receives 3 warnings from the committee will automatically receive a strike

A member who receives 3 strikes will have their membership status removed. In some cases they may be banned from future involvement with the movement

All decisions regarding warnings, strikes and dismissal are made by committee

Members unable to abide by all required member rules may feel more comfortable in the position of a supporter or affiliate

Affiliates and supporters may still be involved with AIM activities (including tours and events at the discretion of the committee) but are not necessarily entitled to the same benefits and rights as members.

Membership Rights and Benefits

The following rights and benefits apply to all members and to applicants during their probationary period.

Right to support and confidentiality from HQ, AIM committee and other members

Right to vote on AIM decisions when the committee cannot reach a majority

Right to apply to be a committee member if a post becomes available

Right to approach HQ/the committee with comments / suggestions / feedback / complaints

Right to an explanation for any decision made by the committee that effects the member or The AIM

Right to have the committee mediate on any issues between members

Right to promotion of member artists/campaigns/projects etc (when available)

Right to take advantage of the services of The AIM Online Street Teams (when available)

Right to the use of AIM/RHHF blogs to highlight causes/self etc (as appropriate)

Right to apply for possible funding for events/campaigns etc (when available)

Right to take advantage of AIM contacts (when available)

Right to discounted AIM merchandise (order direct with HQ)

Right to a one-on-one conversation with HQ/committee by prior arrangement to 
discuss AIM related business

Right to view a copy of The AIM financial report (available every quarter by request to HQ)

Right to pre-arranged rest period from AIM duties at discretion of the committee

[The AIM reserves the right to amend and add to this process at any time. Any amendments will be notified to members and applicants in writing. The decisions of the committee are final. Members receiving warnings, strikes or dismissal will be notified in writing and given the reasons for the actions taken.]

If you do not wish to become a member for whatever reason you may still support The AIM in the following ways:

Purchase merchandise:
Links to AIM mixtape and other merchandise are here

Make a financial donation:
You can send any donation via PayPal to or by using the donate button on the homepage.
UK bank account holders can transfer funds to Halifax bank sort code 80-05-28 and account number 07084701

Subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter:
Our newsletter contains information about all things AIM including upcoming and past events, protests, campaigns and members information. You can subscribe here

Join the Activism Street Team:
The Activism Street Team is a way of taking part in small activites both online and offline that help specific causes and campaigns that The AIM supports. Missions are issued no more than 3 times a week but usually once a week and are always optional. You can subscribe here

Join the Hip-Hop/Street Poetry Street Team:
Hip-Hop/Street Poetry missions are small ways to help promote and support AIM artists and hip-hop/street poetry events. You can subscribe via ReverbNation here.