Grassroots Activism


The most important method that The AIM deploy to fight global injustice is campaigning. Utilizing underground hip-hop, street poetry and academic writing are all powerful ways of exposing injustice and calling upon people to fight as activists against it, but they are not enough in themselves. We use these three tools to raise awareness about injustices but the act of campaigning attempts to remedy them via political and social action. Actions do speak louder than words but one needs words in order to be able to mobilize a people to action. Essence is revealed through praxis. The AIM uses non-violent grassroots campaigning so that we become a type of political pressure group that can push back the enemies of freedom, whether these enemies be political, religious, corporate or otherwise. That is not to say that none of our members believe in violent struggle but it is certainly not something we advocate as an organization.

Not only do we run our own campaigns but most often we help out other organizations and activists if their campaign is something that we feel very strongly about. We offer both online and frontline support to five chosen campaigns each year although we do raise awareness about all injustice even outwith these campaigns. The campaigns that have been selected this year are One Law For All, SHAC: Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, 4Ward Ever UK, Stop Crush and a number of campaigns fighting for Iranian Solidarity. Please keep up with all of these campaigns in this section and if you can help us by getting actively involved, spreading awareness about ourselves and the causes, or by giving us a couple of pounds then we would be immensely grateful. However we will also keep you up to date with other campaigns and boycotts right here so remember to check in because it's cool to care people.

To read about these campaigns and The AIM's involvement in them please use the links below.

4WardEver UK

Iranian Solidarity

One Law For All


Stop Crush

Anti-Slavery International

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