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Iranian Solidarity Campaign Profile

Iranian Solidarity Campaign:
Against The Islamic Regime in Iran

What is the Iranian Solidarity Campaign?

Green Peace Iran

In June 2009 millions of people came out on to the streets of Iran for freedom and an end to the Islamic regime. Whilst the June 12 election was a pretext for the protests - elections have never been free or fair in Iran – it has opened the space for people to come to the fore with their own slogans.

The world has been encouraged by the protesters’ bravery and humane demands and horrified by the all-out repression they have faced. It has seen a different image of Iran - one of a population that refuses to kneel even after 30 years of living under Islamic rule.

The dawn that this movement heralds for us across the world is a promising one – one that aims to bring Iran into the 21st century and break the back of the political Islamic movement internationally.

We, the undersigned, join Iran Solidarity to declare our unequivocal solidarity with the people of Iran. We hear their call for freedom and stand with them in opposition to the Islamic regime of Iran. We demand:

1.The immediate release of all those imprisoned during the recent protests and all political prisoners

2.The arrest and public prosecution of those responsible for the current killings and atrocities and for those committed during the last 30 years

3.Proper medical attention to those wounded during the protests and ill-treated and tortured in prison. Information on the status of the dead, wounded and arrested to their families. The wounded and arrested must have access to their family members. Family members must be allowed to bury their loved ones where they choose. 

4.A ban on torture

5.The abolition of the death penalty and stoning

6.Unconditional freedom of expression, thought, organisation, demonstration, and strike

7.Unconditional freedom of the press and media and an end to restrictions on communications, including the internet, telephone, mobiles and satellite television programmes

8.An end to compulsory veiling and gender apartheid

9.The abolition of discriminatory laws against women and the establishment of complete equality between men and women

10.The complete separation of religion from the state, judiciary, education and religious freedom and atheism as a private matter

Moreover, we call on all governments and international institutions to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran and break all diplomatic ties with it. We are opposed to military intervention and economic sanctions because of their adverse affects on people’s lives.

Iranian Solidarity Campaign AIM Contribution

We will be raising awareness about the Iran Solidarity campaign and it's relevant news, but we will also be keeping the world up to date with other campaigns demanding freedom for Iran and an end to the human rights abuses within it. We will be particularly active helping raise awareness about the work of Mission Free Iran, and it's various campaigns. We will do this through participating in letter writing, phone calls, online and offline leaflet distribution, petitions and protests if possible. We will also be encouraging others to do the same because Iran needs global support. This is also what we will do with Iran Solidarity but we will be attending more protests and rallies because it is UK based. Nevertheless we will actively encourage our international members to attend and raise awareness about 'Green Revolution' events in their area. We also plan on being closely involved with the International Campaign to Rebuke the UN and Remove the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) because we will name and shame any individual or organization which is supporting the Islamic Regime. The AIM is also supporting campaigns to end stoning and particularly to try an free Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. You can read blogs about AIM's work on Sakineh here.
20 June 2010 - London, UK
AIM members attended a rally against Sharia and Religious Laws followed by a march and protest outside the London embassy of The Islamic Republic of Iran. We were able to gather a large number of signatures on letters to the UK Prime Minister and petitions to The UN asking that Iran be removed from the UNCSW.
24 July 2010 - Edinburgh, UK
AIM members Santa Maria and Lilith held a small protest in support of International Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Day. A great deal of awareness of her case was raised with passersby and many had their photo taken with a picture of Sakineh to show their support. We also collected more signatures for the campaign to remove Iran from the UNCSW.
24 July 2010 - Toronto, Canada - AIM members Coffy and Dee also to part in a protest to mark this day, also called Citizens Of The World Against Stoning. In all over 22 cities worldwide were involved and AIM is proud to have had a presence at 2 of those.
5 August 2010 - Glasgow, UK
AIM members Santa Maria and Lilith took to the streets of Glasgow to protest against and raise awareness of the planned resumption of mass executions of political prisoners in Iran. At this time we were also able to gather more signatures in support of the campaign to remove Iran from the UNCSW. Awareness raised of the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who awaits her sentence of death by stoning in Iran.
5 August 2010 - Toronto, Canada
AIM member Coffy attended a protest in Toronto in solidarity with the people of Iran and against the resumption of mass executions of political prisoners and the stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and others awating the same fate

28 August - Worldwide 
AIM members have arranged/are taking part in protests for the international 100 Cities Of The World Against Stoning.
More details to follow.
A large number of blogs have also been posted by The AIM on subjects and causes related to solidarity with Iran and it's people which you can read here.

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