Thursday, 1 January 2009

StopCrush Campaign

Stop Crush:

WARNING: Contains graphic scenes. Viewer discretion advised.

What is StopCrush?

Crush videos, among other “fetish videos,” feature small live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and bunnies, being slowly tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable; including being burnt alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed, and having their limbs broken. All of these videos share a common theme: the animals are incrementally crushed by a woman in high heels. Most people view these materials for “sexual gratification”, but these videos are becoming increasingly popular just for their shock value alone. The crush fetish can be also linked to “paraphelia,” which is an atypical sexual arousal to nonhuman objects and humans alike being caused physical distress.
Crush videos are becoming increasingly popular across America, and will escalate to epidemic proportions due to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to legalize them.

It’s not hard to find such sites on the Internet with any search engine-keep in mind it’s now perfectly legal to download and watch. Minors can access these materials with a click of a button. If The Supreme Court says, “Okay fine, It’s free speech,” please first examine the damage it causes both human and nonhuman lives, and society as a whole.

Freedom of speech has its limits when it places a society in danger, such as the ban on child pornography as it leads to violence of children. Films that exploit, torture, and kill animals for entertainment purposes also puts society in danger, for it is destructive by inciting violent and antisocial behavior, thereby endangering our citizens. Adults showing their own children these videos can cause emotional damage and lead to Antisocial Personality Disorders. This is not only considered child abuse, but is one of the leading disorders found in serial killers. While there are many factors that contribute to someone becoming a serial killer, the one constant they share is animal abuse.

You can read more about Stop Crush here.

Stop Crush Campaign AIM Contribution

Besides raising awareness about the Stop Crush Campaign online and offline we will also attend various campaign events and organize our own protests against any targets that can be identified in our area. We will support and promote the effort to change the laws in order to protect all animals and have this practice once again banned both in the US and worldwide. We will also expose any manufacturers, producers, vendors and consumers of these videos both on and offline.

Thanks to the work of many AIM members and supporters and all those at StopCrush and their supporters, crush videos have now been outlawed in the US. The campaign will continue until the same can be said for all countries.

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