Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Two AIM-Supported Campaign Updates

The Stop Crush campaign we have been supporting has had  amassive success in the US and HR5566 has been passed making it illegal to make of distribute crush videos in the US! This is a great victory for animals and animal lovers everywhere and a testament to the effect that ordinary people can have when we act together. The campaign will now move on to focus on other countries where crush videos are legal and keep working to achieve the same all over the world. Thank you to those of you who've followed and supported the campaign, and please continue to do so. We still need to keep fighting.

The latest news in the case of Sakineh is that Iranian officials have said there is a chance she may be spared. At the moment we don't really know much else except that the collective work of everyone involved has kept her alive so far. We will keep fighting to save her and the many others in her situation until stoning, and ultimately the death penalty is ended worldwide. Again, please keep following and supporting this campaign until it is confirmed that she is definately out of danger. The track record of the Islamic Regime of Iran shows that they cannot be trusted. This latest development gives us a reason to hope, but not a reason to relax our work for Sakineh and her family.

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