Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New AIM Members & Supporters

New bodies and minds join the ranks of The AIM and here is where you can read all about it.

It all started with a very successful AIM Scotland meeting in Glasgow last weekend. The meeting was held in The 13th Note (which some will know as the venue for The I Want Justice UK Tour in Glasgow) and was open to all AIM members, supporters and interested parties. We discussed The AIM, how we started, why we started, what we do and plan to do in future, and also what Glasgow/Scotland and AIM can offer each other.

We were left with a more focused idea of what we need next in this area, and several new members and supporters.

Damara is the youngest of our new members and came to us via her current antifa activities. You can befriend Damara via her AIM facebook profile here.

Kali has been a loyal AIM supporter since she stopped on the streets of Glasgow several months ago to sign a petition against the execution of Sakineh. Her AIM facebook profile can be found here.

Clavan Earthskills came to The AIM via original member Lilith and her son is also planning to become involved with us under the alias Holly Scope. Her AIM facebook profile is here, and her son has his AIM facebook profile here.  The AIM will also be affiliating to the Clavan Earthskills project run by our new member of the same name. It's a great project based in the north of Scotland and we hope to be able to help out in various ways including office and field based whenever we can!

Please welcome them all in the usual friendly way!

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  1. They are all such lovely people and I am looking forward to working with them all x