Friday, 20 August 2010

Some 'Crushing' News

At The AIM we have recently decided to lend our support to a site called It is a site dedicated to banning the practise of 'crushing'. For those that don't know (as I didn't until recently) this is where a small animal (often a kitten) is filmed being burnt, cut, beaten and tortured. In all cases the frightened, bleeding, hurt little animal is crushed by a woman in high heels. It is sold as a fetish film and has recently been deemed LEGAL in the US by the Supreme Court under free speech laws. Never mind the insane and needless cruelty to these animals!? And clearly no one that was concerned that it has been PROVEN that those with a history of cruelty toward animals often go on to commit violence against people!?

There are videos available to watch but I don't have the heart to do so - I am just not strong enough to endure seeing it. It has been a long time since I thought my life was worth more than an animals, but even if I did think that, it is quite something else altogether to want to inflict this kind of pain and torture on animals, and another thing again to get some kind of sexual kick from it.

The people at stopcrush are doing a great job but they need our help. This is not only an issue in the US, this happens all over the world, and it must be stopped! If you find it as disgusting as I do then please support them. You can sign up the their facebook page, place a banner or graphic on your blog or website, carry out their 'action alerts' and for those in the US you can also contact your state representative and try and get his/her support to have the bill, you can sign a petition and most importantly, you can tell all of your friends about this and how they can help.

I hope that some of you will take action to end this practise. In the hopes of that I leave you with a picture of my baby, and a message from the team at stopcrush.

Please help The AIM crush animal abusers!

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  1. Thankye so much for blogging our website and cause,I am "Irish Cornaire" co-founder of stopcrush and I do more behind the scenes such as garnering interviews and getting us endorsed and regonized,again,thankye so much!