Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Die For My People by Revolution of The Mind (Prod. by Snowgoons)

The AIM stands behind the perspective of sick spitting Iranian emcee I.Sheik from Revolution of The Mind. I.Sheik denounces both Western Militarism in the Middle East and the Islamic Regime of Iran itself which is murdering and oppressing legions of it's own people. Revolution of the Mind stand up for the Green Revolution and have realsed a number of tracks which flip the bird at both Western Militarism and Political Islam in Iran.

Revolution of the Mind have made various songs in relation to the human rights abuses in Iran including Death to the Ayatollahs, We Will Not Forget and now Die for My People produced by the Snowgoons. We're also proud to say that I.Sheik will be appearing with our very own Perseverance on his debut album United Division which will feature a Hip-Hop dream team from the underground.

Amerikkka don't drop no bombs on the Iranian people because blowing people up is as bloody and barbaric as the system that is already in place there. Real defenders of freedom want the Iranian people to determine themselves not be determined by oppressors on any side. Thus we support the Iranian people in their Green Revolution and we lay ourselves down in their defence against all sides which violate their rights! We say Rise, Resist and Revolt! Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or drop bombs!

Rep Green! Fuck the Regime!

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