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Greydon Square


Greydon Square (born Eddie Collins on September 28, 1981) is an American hip hop artist. He is a veteran of the Iraq War and an outspoken atheist who promotes discussion on philosophical issues, as well as studying full time. His music deals with philosophical issues (particularly with regard to atheism and science), political issues, the war in Iraq and his experiences as a soldier who had to fight in this war, and his childhood which he had to spend in group homes.Collins, grew up in Compton, California, where he was raised as an orphan and became immersed in gang culture. In May 2001, he enlisted in the United States Army. He went on to serve in the Iraq War in March 2004. After returning from Iraq, Collins began attending college in Phoenix, Arizona as a physics major. It was at this time that he began questioning his prior religious beliefs and became an atheist, posting videos on YouTube. He has appeared in several television documentaries and radio shows, and his music has attracted fans such as Penn Jillette and Richard Dawkins.[1] He is also a member of the international secular hip-hop activist movement, The Anti-Injustice Movement (aka The AIM) and may be planning a UK tour.

Collins has been expressing himself through rap under his stage name of Greydon Square since 2001. Among his influences are Phil Collins, DJ Quik, Dr Dre, Quincy Jones, Stanley Clarke, Cedric Williams, and The Bee Gees. His first album, Absolute, was released in 2004 and is no longer available.
His follow-up album The Compton Effect, was released in 2007. After being approached by several independent record labels and one major one, Collins created his own company to distribute the record. In 2008, he released his next album titled The CPT Theorem. These two album titles provide references to the city of Compton (also called CPT) where he grew up, and to the Compton effect and the CPT Theorem from physics, which he studies.The Kardashev Scale, set to release August 10th, 2010 is his 3rd studio album as Greydon Square. It is a title comes from the Russian Scientist, Nikolai Kardashev, who In 1963 Kardashev upon examining cosmos came up with the idea that some galactic civilizations would be perhaps millions or billions of years ahead of us, and created the Kardashev classification scheme to rank such civilizations. With the Kardashev Scale, Greydon employes creative samples from respected astrophysicists like Michio Kaku and Carl Sagan, a feature track with Canibus, and (19) new songs to add to his expanding catalogue of music.

Greydon equates lyrical ability to the ancient practice of Martial Arts. Hip-hop is in everything you do, and your ability is not something to be taken lightly or shelved.

Greydon is not only a member of The Anti-Injustice Movement but he also runs a creative collective dedicated to reason, atheism and science called Grand Unified Theory



Absolute (2004)
The Compton Effect (2007)
The CPT Theorem (2008)
The Lyrical Warfare Volume One Mixtape (2010)
The Kardashev Scale (2010)

Anti-Injustice Music

Name another emcee unwelcome in a church
that if he ever shows up they'll stuff em in a Hearse
Drive his ass away, a funeral reversed
all because I spit shit that hits em where it hurts
they'll know i'll just stand up, go lyrically berserk
whether its either that or physically assert
that you don't need no master, you were free at birth
and damn the bastards that didn't let you see it first
weird research, the gravitational effects of two suns
we found the missing the links, they kept inventing new ones
now it's all lyin pseudoscience
who gon' lay down in the den with the lions, me
if you ever want me debate me then try and see
call up ya local radio station and ask for me
make sure you have all the pre-approval of faculty
otherwise you might not understand it
Anti-Injustice Movement we're here to liberate the damn planet
and we dont we need a grand standing
we do it because its right
you troll because you can't stand it

We don't need your god, keep Allah
we're for the separation of church and state, damn Sharia Law
and you'll never live to see us fall
only die like humans while our message of freedom lives on
either get knowledge or get gone
keep gettin shit on by the church and islam,
ask em to share all the wealth they sit on
they'll laugh in your face in either hand you a bible or quran,
...turns out freedom of speech is the worst offense
...our purpose is to peek under the circus tent

They wont let us
then want to take over the world
we wont let em
this is about one law for all
we wont let up
until all the injustice is gone
we all fed up
you and I are not alone
we're all together
this the theme song for the fight
so get em
gradually you will come out of acting so bashfully

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