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Enki whose name comes from the Sumerian God of Knowledge is an up and coming underground Emcee from New Jersey. Enki's music is entertaining yet educating. This is an Emcee who wants to bring Hip-Hop back to the days when the music had a positive message in it. So through years of research and witty word play he paints a picture of the lies and injustice in the world. His message doesn't end there as he also gives solutions on how to fix these problems. Enki is a conscious minded Emcee who is trying to teach and educate the public through his music. His live performances are what set him apart from the rest. Enki brings energy to every show or performance him and Free Dome Records does. Always giving 110% of himself for the crowd and usually stepping off stage with no voice. He makes sure there is plenty of crowd participation and interaction through out his whole set. Here is how Enki describes himself:

"On the music side I try to educate the masses as to the injustice and esoteric agenda that is unfolding around them. I expose the truth about the conspiracy that the illuminati are working so hard to make reality. I seek and research the truth then spit it in my rhymes for those that will not look for the facts any other way. I spit for the revolution. I spit for the inmates still locked in cages and treated like animals and slaves. I spit for the weak and tired. I spit for a better tomorrow. I spit for the kids who are growing up in this messed up world. I spit for the hope of opening eyes to all the lies. Most importantly though I spit for you the one who is reading this and wondering if what I speak of in my rhymes is true. The one that will listen to and not just hear my words. The one that will take what they listened to and then feel those words. The one that will feel those words then open up your third eye and see those words all around you and stand up and fight for change."



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Just An Assumption

The Illuminati is the modern day sheep herder
And Society is the sheep being led to the slaughter
Cause more and more they accept the New World Order
Blue Bloods produced ancient Queens and Kings
Now its Banking, Business owners and Media Rings
Presidents, Military Chiefs and Prime Ministers
See these slithering serpents are so secretly sinister
Their DNA is different so you know we ain't similar
So be a sheep or a rebel that's your dilemma
A Rebel Guantanamo Bay is where they send ya
Me a POW na I'm no surrender
I'ma continue to expose the Governments agenda
The Agenda of Charlemagne and all of his relatives
He was related to 34 of the 43 Presidents
Still think their background holds now relevance
Listen close I'll continue to break down the elements


People telling me this is Just My Assumption
But I believe the New World Order is coming
Time to Battle back no more time for running
Organize, free your minds, man its time to do something

This rhyme right here is AIMed at the masses
Who witnessed 9-11 but only seen the plane crashes
Not the after events of the Capital fascists
The politicians up on Capitol Hill
Who signed the Patriot Act but never read the bill
Gave the government Bond status a licence to kill
They blamed Osama so we went to Afghanistan
Blew up the whole country and ain't never find that man
The government looked bad so they switched up their scam
Said we went there to get the Taliban
They said we had to get them cause they abuse women
Wait a minute I thought they had Osama hidden
It don't matter they were just defending our soil
Lets be honest man you just wanted that oil
I school you on the governments 10 branches
BANKINGs most important it controls all assets
They create debt for devastation
But it never affects their mans CORPORATIONS
I tell what ain't show in MEDIA interpretations
And what your kid wont learn from school EDUCATIONs
To think 13 families control the world is scary
Cant fight them they control the MILITARY
FBI, CIA both think celibate
Cant believe they call these agents intelligent
Their responsible for ORGANISED CRIME and DRUGS
Look at Iran/Contra they traded drugs for guns
And illegal drugs and guns ain't the only way they killing men
They do it wit legal drugs through the hands of MEDICINE
When I die I'll speak through a burning bush as a body (RELIGION)
But Till then fuck Bush and the Illuminati

AIM East Coast (Dirty Jerz) General

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