Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lyrical Agent


Lyrical Agent loved Hip-Hop from a young age. When he used to walk to school he would always freestyle off the top of his head about anything that came to mind. Then when he turned 16 he met an emcee called Lewda who fuelled his interest further. They started hanging out and then they met a producer that said he was willing to record and produce for them. This was the catalyst which inspired Agent to write and record his first mixtape alongside Lewda.

The duo pushed the tape locally in and around their area but they soon grew apart. The decision was mutual and it resulted in Lyrical Agent launching his career as an independent artist. He took everything he had learnt whilst working with Lewda and started becoming critical of every day life and conscious of the world around him. He then dropped his first solo project Caught in the System which was an 8 track EP. The EP was a mixture of the previous sounds he was bringing with Lewda, alongside his own message which was a conscious observation of reality. Although Agent had attained a new level of writing and awareness he still felt that he was far from peaking as an artist.

It didn't take long for Caught in the System to gain local hype. Along with the previous fans from the Agent and Lewda days Agent had also reached out to people who wouldn't ordinarily have been interested in Hip-Hop. They could relate to the message he was bringing about everyday life and many thought it was refreshing to hear positive music as opposed to the usual exploitative corporate rap music that gets air time. This gave Agent the inspiration to deliver something even bigger however he ran into his own problems within the system. This unfortunately prevented him from dedicating the time he needed to his music.

After hearing Agent's EP Caught in the System a close friend introduced him to numerous books and videos on a darker side to society. Agent initially thought he had gained a clear insight into society when releasing Caught in the System, however after months of research it soon became apparent that he had only touched upon a very small part of what was to become his newest piece of music.

His new insight gave him an incredible amount of inspiration, and after a seven month break, maturing along the way, he suddenly had a spontaneous urge to put what he had learnt into a track. This track became the breathtaking Open Your Eyes. After three days of continuously writing the track was ready to be recorded and after capturing it in the studio he contacted a film crew to record a low budget video portraying the same vibe which the lyricism reflected.

Within the first month this one single track had gained more interest than anything he had ever released. It caught the attention of many other emcees, one of whom was named
Plato, and although the two lived within five minutes of each other they strangely had never met before. Within the first month of getting to know each other and sharing knowledge it soon became obvious that they were of the same intellect and portrayed the same message in their music. They had a vision, the vision was to share their combined knowledge by utilizing a calibre of Hip-Hop which was elevated above current rap music whilst maintaining a mature and positive stance.

Less than a month of networking together resulted in a collaboration between Agent and Plato with America's Beast 1333, founder of the Templars of Hip-Hop who was taught by one of greatest Hip-Hop icons KRS One. This opportunity was exciting as Beast has released tracks with KRS One and had recently returned from touring America with artists such as Fat Joe, KRS and the legendary DJ Premier. The track entitled The Global Resistance has given Agent and Plato exposure from all corners of the globe, resulting in a solid fan base worldwide.

This caught the attention of The Anti-Injustice Movement, a group of revolutionists sharing the same vision as Lyrical Agent. Their members range from poets to emcees, graffiti artists to promoters and activists. They dropped a mixtape entitled Lyrical Warfare Vol. 1 in which 'Open your Eyes' and 'The Global Resistance' feat. Plato & Beast 1333 were included. Lyrical Warfare is now available on Amazon, Reverbnation and iTunes for digital download. Agent says: "We are a global movement that believe in freedom of speech, justice and liberty."

From here an album is the next step for Lyrical Agent and Plato. The album is set to feature collaborations with Beast 1333, Jonny Handsome, Jaz O, AG of DITC, two members of Wu-Tang, Block McCloud (Army of the Pharoahs), Plazma (Rhyme Asylum), Lil Dreads and potentially more. The album is set to be ready for release by the new year and will be available for download on all major digital download outlets including iTunes.



The Lyrical Warfare Mixtape Volume One (2010)
Outside the Box EP (2010)


Coming Soon!

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