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SAI (South American Immigrant) was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1973, lived in Brooklyn during his teenage years, and attended Randolph High School in Harlem. He obtained a B.A. in Creative Writing from SUNY Binghamton. He has worked as a community relations coordinator at Barnes & Noble. For the many years he has been involved in the struggle for justice for farm workers with Farmworker Legal Services of NY, specifically under the human trafficking project. He has been on the frontlines of saving modern day slaves from modern day slaveowners. Moreover he has highligted the way in which human trafficking is an issue of grave importance in a world where people think slavery no longer exists. He has done this as an activist, an emcee/musician and also as a poet because he is a man who knows how to utilize his many talents to benefit the greater good.

SAI has performed his latin style hip-hop at local venues since 2004 and he is the music and lyrical composer/producer of more than 200 hip hop/spoken word songs, featuring various artists in the Rochester community (Including Henry PadrĂ³n & Jahaka Mindstorm).

Renan is fluent in French, English, and Spanish and spits lyrical fire in all three languages. He has worked with a myriad of producers and emcees from every continent and appears as a featured emcee in many albums. He has performed in endless amounts of open mic's in NY, LA, DC, Ecuador, and Canada. He recently performed in the Art of Lyrics underground event at The Point in The Bronx, NY., an invitation-only gathering of emcees in New York City. He also belongs to the 4th Sight, as well as to La Gran Colombia which was formed by SAI to represent Ecuador, Dante Vital representing Colombia, and El Veneco (representing Venezuela). He will be working on a collaborative album with all of these collectives by next year and it will be entirely in Spanish. He is also a fully fledged member of The Anti-Injustice Movement (aka The AIM) and has recorded a brand new track entitled 'Taking AIM' for the collective's new mixtape Lyrical Warfare Vol 1.

He published a book of poems in 1996 entitled Until I Meet Myself Again, I Write and therefore he will be an asset to the rapidly expanding Anti-Injustice Movement not only as an emcee and activist but also as a protest poet. The rhyming revolitionary freedom fighter, aka Ecuador's answer to Che Guevara, SAI will be a core figure in the up and coming genre of 'raptivism.'



Socio-Politics (2009)
Lyrical Warfare Volume One (2010)
Stay Awake (2011)

Coming Soon!

AIM East Coast General (New York)

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