Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gabe Rosales aka V-Non: The True Revolutionary Takes AIM


The AIM official website was launched on Friday 29th January at 2 pm GMT, and, boy oh boy, we have really taken off in a matter of mere days. The AIM has been around for about a year now but it operated out of a makeshift bunker on MySpace, slowly building up a member and support base, and establishing itself as an underground hip-hop activist movement fit enough for atheist hip-hop king Greydon Square. Although we had intended to establish a website for The AIM a while ago we were let down by various computer geek friends who promised to help us build one using their HTML skills. We considered paying someone to build the site for us but decided against it because we want our money to fund poetry events, hip-hop tours, travelling expenses for rallies, and so on. Thus I thought fuck it, I'm building this website and it's not going to blow. I even had the metaphysical cojones to opt for using HTML as opposed to one of those programmes that are like building a website by joining the dots up with a crayon that you can rub out with. To my surprise I learnt HTML super fast and was able to put this site together in a matter of weeks, with the help of our sexy Vice Prez Santa Maria and an obscene amount of caffeine. The site has been extremely well received and not only have we been sent emails praising the movement but we've also accumulated two first class new members.

Our new latino soldado is talented and original emcee/musician
Gabe Rosales, aka V-Non (a tribute to his powerhouse of an album Vital Nonsense). V-Non like many of us in the movement has battled with addiction, been involved in gang life, and done time. Today B-Boy and I were discussing the fact that eight of us AIM soldiers, all of whom are now highly ethical and passionate non-violent activists, have been involved in gangs. However what V-Non also has in common with all eight of us is that he has chosen to leave that lifestyle behind and sculpted himself into a strong, ethical and creative human being with a complusive drive for truth and justice. He like many of his AIM comrades is a cycle breaker who has faced the darker aspects of life and himself, but he has turned that around into something positive. As my greatest hero Friedrich Nietzsche famously wrote: "What does not destroy you makes you stronger." The people in this movement have strong minds, a passion for justice, and compassionate hearts and that has alot to do with the fact we have all been through alot in our lives. V-Non, like the rest of us, has been through an existential journey and can not merely ignore the lies and injustices which are rendered upon innocents by the powers that be. He can not be lulled into sedation by the soothing lies that surround us because unlike many of the apathetic drones that inhabit this planet; he has come too far. He is a man who has explored life, suffering, addiction, the negative and positive aspects of religion, the occult, meditation, the counter intuitive world of quantum physics, and himself. V-Non has swallowed the red pill and once you do that there is no turning back. The AIM is a movement of people who have swallowed the red pill and that is why what we lack in numbers we make up for in calibre. Mobb Deep said: "Their ain't no such thing as half way crooks," but AK47 says: "There ain't not such thing as half way revolutionaries," because as Che Guevara once said: " The true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love." V-Non, is not only a superb emcee and musician, he is also a true revolutionary. Activism is not a hobby, it's rooted in a noble calling that is grounded in love. We'd rather enlist five real activists as opposed to hundreds of sheeple who are play acting concern. V-Non is as real as it gets.

Tomorrow V-Non's profile will be available for you too peep at complete with his biography, relevant videos, music samples and contact details so look out for that. I highly recommend that you buy his album on Itunes because it is intelligent, original and highly eclectic but with some ill hip-hop vibes throughout. Members please go show your new brother some love because he is now part of our revolutionary familia.

I also just got word from Santa Maria that another extremely talented 'true revolutionary' who mainlines the red pill has joined up. Firebrand street poet
Monte Smith is going to be shooting protest poetry with The AIM as an official member.I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Wow, that's wassup. We are on the rise people and NOTHING will stop us.

Capital X Protest Poetry Page added.

Stay Free!

~President of The AIM~

"Taking AIM against the enemies of freedom."

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