Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Monte Smith: The AIM Enlists The World's Most Powerful Protest Poet

Not only have we just had such talented raptivists as Capital X and
Gabe Rosales
enlist in our army of secular hip-hop activists but we have also had another true revolutionary join ranks with us, notorious firebrand Street Poet
Monte Smith
. We have some extraordinarily talented protest poets in this movement but Monte is in a league of his own. He is the panultimate protest poet and word warrior for the poor and oppressed people who suffer at the hands of the ever evolving New World order. He will not be silenced by political correctness or the powers that be because he remains defiant in the face of the enemy, as all protest poets should. He is a poet (performance and published),a rap journalist, community based educator and anti-racist activist, not to mention the creator and producer of the Red Bull Word Clash, the largest Street Poetry Competition in the world. His book Don't Shoot The Hostages, which I strongly recommend you buy, is nothing less than bloody revolution within the confines of pages. He has also worked with such notable hip-hop titans as Public Enemys' Chuck D and the immensely sick DJ Premier. I been bumpin to Monte's collab album with DJ Premier all day and it definitely gets the hip-hop head seal of approval. Man, it's up there with collab albums like DJ Muggs & Planet Asia's Pain Language among other underground hip-hop classics. If you don't want to take my word for it on Monte's exquisite talent then watch him perform on the Youtube vid above. The performance will let you know wassup. Check back in the next few days to peep Monte's Protest Poetry page complete with bio, videos, music, etc,. If you're easily offended fuck off because we aren't going to sugar coat the truth to make it more palatable for you. Please check out Monte's Smith latest interview right here.

Not only have we inaugurated two new high calibre members since the site launch but we have also had the notorious Irish hip-hop video producer/AIM member
Gemini produce a slick new monochrome promotional video for us. The video has come out dope as hell thanks to Gemini's natural talent for making high quality HD hip-hop videos and Freethought MC's dope background track AIM Around The World. The video depicts all of our members, damn we're hot, as well as images of tyrannical Western world leaders, Islamofacists, global injustice, bloody wars, and revolutionaries. To watch it check out our Youtube page and please show some love while you're there. Big up Gemini and Freethought MC.

We have decided to start doing recommendations on our blog where we will tell you what doesn't suck in the domains of music, books, movies, websites, etc. Today I recommend you check out new album Articulate Drama by our homie
Jake Da Great:

Articulate Drama

Updates: V-Non Political Hip-Hop Page added.

Talk Hard!

~President of The AIM~

"The truth about anything in this society is too threatening."
(Bob Dylan)

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