Thursday, 11 February 2010

We Want Justice, Iranian Solidarity & To Fuck Without Judgement

We want justice too and we think Capital X's video is iller than Ill Bill (and we love Ill Bill). Also please check out Capital X's latest interview with the underground's gorgeous hip-hop heroine Latina Beatz. Monte Smith's Protest Poetry profile should be up tomorrow by the way.

Todays update is going to be somewhat eclectic because I have just been put on steroids to balance out my Addison's Disease. In short I have a rare disease which means I don't produce enough adrenaline which makes me pass out and feel shitty all the time but yesterday my docs got me sorted with my meds and I'm going to be a life long steroid popper. It's lucky we have a gym in our building right. Don't worry I'm not going to expand and end up looking like a female Arnie Schwarzenegger (nor will I ever support the Republicans) because the steroids I get are only enough to make up what I lack. However one thing they have expanded, which I never lacked before, is my sex drive. Hence I apologize if I haven't added everything that I meant to and missed featuring a discussion of the 31st anniversary of Iran's most misdirected revolution but sometimes Santa Maria and I have to take it to the Presidential Suite. Yes I am openly discussing being a bisexual female with a high sex drive in a gay relationship with another women with absolutely no shame whatsoever. This may shock a planet that is inhabited by many right wing Abrahamic literalists who are a cheeseburger short of a Happy Meal but the problem is not with me, it is with them. I have an article on the issue of 'sin' which I wrote during my Master's after examing the history of the concept within the Christian tradition, and I intend to add that tomorrow at some point.

Word up. Women exist, women have sex drives (even when political Islamists cut their clits off) and some women even like to fuck women. It's NOT a problem and we really don't have world domination planned, well not today at least. Thankfully we roll with The AIM boyz who despite being some of the most heterosexual, masculine, 'real men' you could ever find aren't homophobic because they don't have to prove their masculinity to anyone. They are secure, not to mention intelligent and handsome, and that is why they do not need to validate themselves by denouncing the bedroom lives of others. Besides masculinity is granted by other men which is screamingly homoerotic if you ask me. It's about time more people within the hip-hop community learnt to deal with sexual diversity and quit hatin on 'fags,' 'faggots', and 'dykes', not to mention 'bitches' and 'crackas', just so they can prove themselves to be 'real gangstas'. Let's keep hip-hop intelligent people because despite what mainstream rap culture dictates it ain't coo to be an ignorant foo regardless of whether not you had it hard back in the day. Making black people look stoopid, violent and ignorant is a white corporate music industry agenda that the hip-hop community should be fighting.

Speaking of homophobia Santa Maria was telling me that our Photofucket account had a flika of a black man with a gay flag removed as it was deemed offensive. What was offensive we ask ourselves. That he was gay or black? It's funny how one of these categories is deemed more offensive in an ironic age where black people send gay people to the back of the bus. Perhaps it was just too much diversity for one public photo server to handle. Either way to bitchslap homophobia this week let's all hit up the
Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter, you know the God Hates Fags freaks, and tell Megan Phelps Roper (Shirley's delightful daughter): " I support The AIM even though it contains fags and fag enablers," just for a chuckle. I'm serious y'all, it'll bring some publicity this way and to fight global injustice awareness is implicit. We'll see how many people can barrage the Phelp's fascist familia on Twitter because those people deserve it. If you haven't heard of them, lucky you, then check them out and be prepared to vomit in your own mouth. In fact the first person who tweets it wins a stylish AIM supersized coffee mug. If you get your name in first then hit us up and tell us, we'll check it, and then mail you a tiny pottery piece of the revolution.


My little rant has tired me out somewhat or perhaps it was commiting all those abominable acts with The Vice President earlier. Either way I'm going to leave you with a recommendation of the day and it is for Maryam Namazie's campaign website for Iran Solidarity, since we missed the opportunity to discuss the situation on Iran yesterday. Maryam Namazie is an Iranian human rights activist and a friend of The AIM who will lead us in struggle against the brutal Islamic regime in Iran. Please sign up to show your solidarity with the cause.

Stay Up!

~President of The AIM~

"Where a system of oppression has become institutionalized it is unnecessary for individuals to be oppressive."
(Florynce Kennedy)

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