Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dream But Don't Sleep

Serial killers. Mass murders. Insane Cults. School shootings. Church burnings. Gang violence. Terrorist acts. Postal rampages.

The world is out of control. There's no way to reverse what's happened to society. People are not just numb to violence anymore, we crave it. It's forced into our lives in every possible way. People look for answers to what's gone wrong with society, blaming music, movies, video games, anything and everything to try to explain away the obvious: We're armed, pissed, and horny for evil.

Look at the world around you, what do you see... We're bombarded daily with live feeds from around the world with images of riots, executions, murders, rapes, and war. Every facet of human existence is accelerating dramatically into complete chaos! This dark path we're heading down, there's no return. That does not mean I will walk down it willingly like the other processed beings that float through a cyberpace of ultra-capitalism. On the contrary, I am here to fuck with the equlibrium of consumer apathy and blind faith. Surrender has never been a friend of mine.

How many people did Joey Sixpack kill at the post office today Our criminal justice system is a joke! You can murder your wife and her lover and walk away a free man if you have enough money, then take your story on the Springer show and hear the chants for blood as the crowd begins to sense confrontation. This world is dancing among the ruins of shattered lives and discarded corpses. Only by embracing the more positive aspects of your darker nature can you overcome your desire to participate in this universal masked criminality. Fuck until you bleed, 'sin' until your sting but never exploit the ontology of others who can look back at you.

We're all thrown into this life without a choice but that does not mean we should derelict our duty to own ourselves. I never asked for this life, yet those that have control over our lives force their beliefs down our throat via the TV, radio, news papers, and now even the world wide web. They will tell you everything you want to hear, except the truth. The truth is brutal but it can be loved and it sets free those who love it, but don't expect to be spoonfed.

Society frowns at the way I chose to live, yet they are creating an entire generation that is oblivious to the fact that others have a right to pursue their dreams as they see fit. They want you to think, talk, and act just as they do, and if you don't they beat you down, both mentally, and physically becoming the very thing they're fighting. I say fuck them! No one but you should be in control over your life. This is your only chance, don't waste it trying to conform to please others, be yourself. The revolution is on! Bring a friend if you can find a real one but never forget that the masses are asses so rise up from the sheeple. Every crowd has a silver lining. Be it!

That was a little something I wrote a while back. I shared it to remind everyone of how important is is to keep pushing forward for our revolution against global injustice. In the video

Sabac Red's
new prodigy I Sheik of Revolution of The Mind is rapping for freedom in Iran at a Green Revolution rally in San Francisco. I chose that particular video for various reasons; I want to bring this particular MC to the forefront because he is a talented raptivist like many of our own, we are loyal supports of the Iran Solidarity movement, and because it reminds us all of the power that we have to shape things through this global movement. We are growing in size, influence and strength and through creative means we will destroy the enemies of freedom and spit the brutal truth regardless of how hard the forces that be try to silence us.

Speaking of the suppression of free speech our
Freedom From Theocracy campaign will not be officially launched for a week or so because we are in talks with various other organizations right now in order to formulate the most pragmatic and effective approach to the campaign. We want to have a strategic plan in place before we take on the United Nations, the Organized Islamic Conference, and every other right wing faction that seeks to impose a global blasphemy law on us. Right now our resident video producer, the infamous Gemini Dublin, and I are collabing on a video for the launch of the campaign so keep your eyes out for that. Please spread awareness about the pending campaign and stay updated on the draconian law which has been cleverly dubbed the "Defamation of Religion" resolution. In short, we will be unable to criticize religion (particularly Islam) even when it is administering cruel and unusual punishments, not to mention the death penalty, to non-theists, women, gays, those of other religions, and petty criminals. If you care about freedom of speech, human rights and the preservation of democracy itself then please tell every homie you know about the UN's pending blasphemy law and our campaign. Freedom is about to become the scarcest of all commodities, in a large part due to another scarce commodite, namely oil.

Another strong and talented raptivist has joined the AIM familia, an MC known as
Perseverance because he has survived a life that has beaten him bloody, like so many of our hard but empathetic members that are a testament to the fact that strength is restored through wounding. You'll learn all about our new prodigy in the next few days, not to mention his pending album United Division which is a collaboration between himself and some of the illest cats in underground hip-hop, including our very own Capital-X and Monte Smith. It also features Dead Prez, Swollen Members and Revolution of The Mind's I Sheik, who y'all now know can hit you harder than a left hook from Tyson. This album is set to go down as a hip-hop classic along with Capital X's new album (which you can purchase from his AIM Political Hip-Hop page) and Gabe 'V-Non' Rosales' funky latin hip-hop feast Vital Nonsense. I also heard from Greydon Square that he has officially finished his mindblowing new album The Kardashev Scale and I spent some time on Skype previewing it, while we discussed technological advancement and cosmology in the early hours. That shyt is seriously on fire.

We'll keep y'all up to date with what's happening with all of our emcees and poets as it happens. We soon hope to do a series of interviews with them all. We've also got a prolific amount of sick content coming your way, not to mention all the usual causes and campaigns. Please keep supporting us in any way you can because we really appreciate your help. If you wanna rep the illest secular hip-hop/protest poetry activist movement on the planet then please grab our banner from the links page and fly the flag in solidarity.

Today I recommend you check out the album Rebel Rap by
Revolution of The Mind:

Rebel Rap
Updates: Capital-X Political Hip-Hop Page edited and poetry added to Monte Smith Protest Poetry Page and new article by AK47 added to The Christian Right.

Walk Tall!

~President of The AIM~

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

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