Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Capital-'X' Talks State Sanctioned Murder

The AIM absolutely opposes the death penalty for the reasons cited above and many more. State sanctioned murder has no place in a civillized society and therefore we will attempt to stamp it out in the US and by fighting Sharia Law worldwide. Under Sharia Law women have been stoned to death for wearing trousers, homosexuals have been brutally tortured and executed, and children as young as nine have swung from the gallows for little or no reason. The mechanized methods of execution for criminals in the US are just an extention of this primitive barbarity that we find under Islamic regimes. Murder is not acceptable in our society whether it be perpetrated by a dangerous felon, the state, or the army. Murder in the case of self-defence does not apply to the death penalty because the perpetrator of the initial crime is already in a secured environment and thus presents no immediate threat. We have decided to publish a series of articles on the death penalty by our resident AIM anti-death penalty raptivist Capital X. In the meantime if you want to know more about the death penalty and what you can do to rally against it then check out Capital's X's 305375: The Voice of The Voiceless website.

You can also pre-order Capital X's brand spanking new album 305375 on our homepage or his
political hip-hop page. It is not only one of the illest new underground hip-hop albums but it also exposes the brutal truth about the death penalty, prisoner's rights and the growing need for revolution. If you enjoy political hip-hop by cats like Immortal Technique and Sabac Red then Capital X is just for you, although he is a little edgier which works for an Ill Bill fan like myself. He has been dubbed the 'Johnny Cash of Hip-Hop', and I think that is a very apt description but with some Che Guevara and Ill Bill thrown into the mix. This hip-hop hardman with a heart is really wassup, and he'll be doing an interview with Santa Maria and myself over the coming weeks.

Also be sure to check out all our other political hip-hop artists and bump some of their tracks on their political hip-hop pages while you're at it. We have also added some dope new audio of
Monte Smith's poetry, one read by the legendary hip-hop hero Chuck D, and there are exclusive new poems by both him and Lilith up as well. I'll be adding some gnarly new poetry myself over the course of the week, not to mention articles and political hip-hop pages for our two new raptivists Perseverance and Stream of Consciousness. Yes people we have yet another dope as fuck political raptivist firing his words at the oppressors with the worldwide AIM clika; Stream of Consciousness. He is another super sick underground political rapper who has his finger on the creative trigger aimed at the various forces of global oppression. The inside story on both Stream of Consciousness and Perseverance will be available later in the week when I eventually get the time to get their pages up.

We are a little behind on our schedule right now because we had a three day AIM conference in a little Scottish village in the middle of nowhere with Lilith. We've made some major plans for an AIM fundraising event for this September. The event will incorporate the four elements of hip-hop as forms of activism, not to mention protest poetry and notable speakers on issues pertaining to human and animals rights. The AIM will be brought together from around the globe to throw our words like Molotov cocktails, do some grassroot protesting, and have some much needed quality family time.

Today I recommend you rep your favourite secular hip-hop activist movement by purchasing our slick new AIM baseball cap (complete with our notorious Subcomandante Marcos logo by Cali Latino graff artist
Dream) from The AIM Store on Cafe Press. Not only will you be reppin the revolutionary and subterranean world of underground political hip-hop and slash you in the face poetry but you will be helping contribute to our events and rallies which throw their fist in the air at state, religious, and corporate injustice.

Updates: Content added to Capital X Political Hip-Hop Page, Monte Smith Protest Poetry Page and Lilith Protest Poetry Page.

Take AIM If You're Hard Enough!

~President of The AIM~

"It's just really tragic after all the horrors of the last 1,000 years we can't leave behind something as primitive as government sponsored execution."
(Russ Feingold)

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