Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Monte Smith: Rebel With A Cause

Listening to that interview you can hear the raw passion, not to mention the talent, in Monte's captivating voice. That is because AIM protest poet

Monte Smith
is as real as it gets and very few poetry organizers will take him on for the simple reason that he speaks the brutal truth about the world that we live in. Unfortunately the truth just isn't entertaining for the hurling masses that live out their banal existence sedated by consumer goods, celebrity culture, candy rap, and the kind of television that can only be described as chewing gum for the eyes. We live in a world where people would rather listen to Soulja Boy than Immortal Technique and for me this is proof in itself that the masses are asses (at least until we deprogramme their minds in order to free them from government, religious and corporate lies). Monte lyrically drags people outside their comfort zone by the scruff off the neck and forces them to take a good hard look at their own unwillingness to help change a world that is violent, discriminative and unjust. Monte Smith embodies the true spirit of protest poetry and the reasons that people choose not to put him on are the reasons why we choose to put him on. Our protest poets are not here to entertain you, they are here to raise your awareness about the global injustices that so many of you choose to ignore to the detriment of many innocent lives. Bruce George Co Producer of HBO’S Def Poetry Jam says of Monte: “In Coup-like Fashion, Monte’s writing is a Molotov Cocktail headed straight for the government. His words are on fire.” As you know one of The AIM's well known slogans is: "Throwing words instead of Molotov cocktails," so it comes as no surprise that The AIM rapidly fell in love with Monte and his revolutionary rhymes.

Thus we are more than a little angry about various mindless responses to an article on Black Planet entitled
Can A White Person Be A Pro Black Revolutionary, and therefore urge any of you who are anti-racist to go and support Monte on the comment board. Race, like religion, is used as a means of division for political ends and we must overcome black on white racism as much as we should oppose white on black racism. Monte has made it his personal vocation to struggle for equality for black people, and all people as a matter of fact, and for people to throw that back in his face because he's a 'cracka' is a travesty. This is a case of racist black boneheads (who have more in common with their racist oppressors than they realize) sending the white boy to the back of the bus even though his blood has been spilt in their cause. We need to stop seeing the world through race tinted glasses. Go support our boy.

Today I recommend you go check out our new affilates at Real Hip-Hop Forever. They are a large group of real hip-hop heads who also promote conscious hip-hop and adhere to the ideals of left wing libertarianism. Two of the founders of RHHF, emcee Agent X and Dennis, will be joining the AIM and doing political writing, among other things for the movement. We are very excited about our two multi-talented new members from our affilate site, not to mention another dope new member from London who we will announce tomorrow, and we are looking forward to having a long and productive friendship with RHHF. Agent X describes RHHF as follows: " We're first and foremost a site for an alternative to corporate rap, but at root our movement is based on a libertarian socialist political platform; we are anti-corporate because corporations have ruined hip hop and we see hip hop as a vehicle of revolution and reflection of the broader culture that surrounds it. in it's purest form it is socially conscious and represents a social and political equality that has not been met since the Spanish Revolution. For this reason it is our prerogative to revolutionize hip hop, for if we are able to do this with hip hop, it will be a sign of what is to come in society. " Consequently it is easy to see the similarities between both the two groups and why we should both link up in solidarity to further the genre of political hip-hop and push towards our positive political and social ends. Nevertheless RHHF has been around much longer and therefore is a much larger and more established group than us, and is also less directly political. However by working together and mutually supporting each other our numbers will grow and our mutual political aims will become more attainable. They have a brand spanking new site but they are still using their old forum for now until they decide what forum to go with. Please go check them out and sign up because the site is buzzing with everything related to hip-hop and more. We are all honoured and proud to be affilated to such a strong, ethical and successful group. Big up RHHF!

Updates: Article added to
Government Games by Capital X and content added to Proclaim Political Hip-Hop Page.

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~President of The AIM~

"One day our descendants will think it incredible that we paid so much attention to things like the amount of melanin in our skin or the shape of our eyes or our gender instead of the unique identities of each of us as complex human beings."
(Franklin Thomas)

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