Sunday, 31 October 2010

V-Non and The AIM West Coast are Clicking Up!

Not only is AIM Canada in the process of building under the capable hands of Canada's AIM General Coffy, AIM East Coast is exploding via AIM General's SAI and Enki, but now AIM Cali veteran and all round talented musician/emcee/activist and philosopher Gabe 'V-Non' Rosales has taken the reigns of The AIM on the West Coast. He has made his debut video appearance where he spits a firebrand acapella which leaves you fiending for more. V-Non has been a part of the backbone of this movement for the last year so he has more than earned his stripes. His musical achievements, not to mention his life experiences, will make you wonder why he's one of the most humble cats you could ever meet.

We can see the time has come for V-Non to step up as AIM General on the West Coast and he already has two fellow Mexicano hermanos to hold it down with him; The Mexican Marlon Brando who brought La Raza to the UK on The AIM's I Want Justice UK Tour, Jehuniko, and our brand new Cali soldado Golden Cyclops whose music sounds like the twisted love child of Rage Against the Machine and Vinnie Paz. There is no doubt our new boy is going to bring it hard just like his fellow AIM West Coast Mexican brothers. We're also hoping that the legendary Greydon Square will fly from AZ to CA to perform with V-Non and his clika at some point.


Golden Cyclops

All we know is that The AIM is going to be making a mark not just in the UK anymore, but all over the US and Canada. We're planning on expanding into Europe, Latin America, Africa and even the Middle East. Injustice is global so we have to be global to combat it. Moreover we have to be as organized as the enemy itself so we'll be rolling with the impenetrable organizational structure of MS13 but with the ethics of the Zapatistas because it's justice, freedom and love that we're clicking up globally to fight for. We need you for the global AIM Revolution!

Keep your Finger on the Trigger!

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