Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The I Want Justice Tour

As most of you hiphoppas will know The Anti-Injustice Movement in connection with Guerrilla Republik UK, Real Hip-Hop Forever and Truth Music Directory staged our first ever international tour in the UK. AIM/GREP emcee Capital's X's I Want Justice Tour started in Norway, worked it's way through the US, and then hit the UK with another AIM headliner, Jehuniko. The UK leg of the tour also featured other AIM and GREP UK emcees; Brent Lee Regan, Lyrical Agent and Xidus Pain. We also had one of the UK's hottest beatboxers Bigg Taj do a guest spot at our Glasgow show. From Glasgow to Edinburgh to London our emcees brought revolutionary fire and ice to an audience which never ceased to be blown away by REAL underground political hip-hop. After three explosive shows, AIM/GREP UK family bonding and a lot of hard work on the part of everyone who worked their asses off for free our two West Coast and East Coast US sharp spitters flew out to Copenhagen, Sweden to finish the tour with another dope emcee called Triz The One. There ain't no doubt that the I Want Justice Tour was a massive success for The AIM, Guerrilla Republik, our artists and the global underground political hip-hop movement.

Anyway I have a lot of other hip-hop news I want to drop on y'all this week so I'll be gracing your monitors on this blog with AIM and Guerrilla Republik UK news for the rest of the week. Until then I want you to check out some of the hottest moments from the I Want Justice UK Tour. Sorry for the delay on this but I wanted to do the write up when I had all the videos finished and the other computer with the footage died. It's well worth the wait. Fuck with this fire carnales and carnalas!

Buenos Noches Biatches!

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