Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Email Posting From Uncaged - International Animal Rights Day


10 December sees the thirteenth annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD), where animal advocates will hold ceremonies, vigils and other events to commemorate the innocent animal victims of human tyranny and call for recognition of their rights to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.

We are at a crucial stage in the historic struggle for justice for animals. On the one hand, public concern for the wellbeing of animals continues to grow. However, on the other hand, disturbing dangers to animals are constantly emerging.

Earlier this year, we commissioned a YouGov opinion poll which revealed that an overwhelming 87% of the British public believe that the way we treat animals is an important measure of the state of our society. People increasingly recognise that animals deserve justice and compassion, yet they are under threat from new forms of abuse such as the proposed intensive ‘megadairies’ and the unpopular and unscientific badger ‘cull’. To save animals from this looming cruelty and turn ethics into action for animals, it is essential that we seek to establish basic legal rights to ensure animals are treated with respect. That is why Uncaged is spearheading International Animal Rights Day.

The unique promise of IARD is that it is the only global event that directly conveys the compelling message of animal rights - the principle that underpins the movement which I believe demonstrates the very best of humankind. 
Advance notices of IARD events are now coming in thick and fast! UK IARD events so far:
Edinburgh, Enfield, West Wickham (Kent), Dundee, Swansea (tbc), Totnes, Truro, Leek (tbc), Taunton, Hampstead, Guildford, Plymouth, Stoke, Bradford, Central London (x2), East Dulwich (South London), Liverpool, Bodmin, Glasgow (tbc), Leicester, Bristol, Sheffield (tbc). Please note that Sheffield Animal Friends are also organising a Free Vegan Food Fayre on 4 December from 11am – 4pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 10 St. James Street, Sheffield S1 2EW!

Outside the UK we are being joined by campaigners in countries such as South Africa, Bahrain, Netherlands, Pakistan, Croatia, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, Italy, France, Ireland, Argentina and Spain!  

Please contact me at if you would like more information about these. If you haven't got in touch about your IARD event, please do so asap so we can spread the word.

Can't make it to an IARD vigil this year? It would really help if you could make a special animal rights donation to Uncaged as your contribution to our just cause. 
With best wishes

Dr Dan Lyons, Director, Uncaged

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