Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Greydon Square Drops His Latest Baby

This is a very excited AK47 here because not only have I booked two excellent UK venues for Capital-'X's I Want Justice Tour but AIM emcee Greydon Square, aka The Black Carl Sagan, has given birth to his latest genius baby, The Kardashev Scale. He's even payed his respects to his AIM familia by including a really sick track called A.I.M. Anti-Injustice Music. I was fortunate enough to have previewed many of the tracks on Skype with Greydon himself a few months back, which was a great honour for me. Nevertheless I can't wait to see the download bar stop processing so I can bump the finest godless empirico-rationalist Hip-Hop album on the planet since The CPT Theorem.

This is a moment us hardcore Greydon fans have been anticipating for many months but Greydon wisely did not rush his art because he is satisfied with nothing less than perfection. This album is not only for atheists because even though you may not agree with everything Grey says about the noun 'God' you can not deny the escalating dangers of the more extreme factions of religion. The album has something to offer to everyone regardless of whether you're an atheist, an agnostic or a theist, or a Hip-Hop head or not because it's undeniably intelligent, covers a variety of relevant issues and is also beautifully executed both lyrically and musically. It also features some dope collabs from well known emcees like Canibus to lesser known emcees like Gripp who both hold their own with our lyrical titan Greydon Square.

I'd love to talk more about The Kardashev Scale but I think I've waited patiently long enough so I'm going to lay back, pop a can of Dr Pepper Zero and listen to what I know will be one of the best underground Hip-Hop albums of the year. The time has come for AK47 to completely marinade herself in The Kardashev Scale's beautifully godless futuristic technological quantum flava. Some of us like it hot.

You can buy The Kardashev Scale at any good online music store or through Greydon's sleek new

I have more super sick news coming your way with regards to The AIM Raptivist Collective but right now I have some serious Hip-Hop head nodding to do so I'm going to bounce.

Keep It Underground!

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