Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Capital-"X" On The MOVE 9

This past Saturday, August 7, 2010 I embarked on a mission with a few comrades of mine. We drove 10 hours from Raleigh, North Carolina up to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to support fellow revolutionaries and activists that were meeting on behalf of the MOVE 9. MOVE or the MOVE Organization is a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by charismatic leader John Africa. You can read more on the MOVE and the MOVE 9 here http://www.onamove.com/move9/ this is their official website.
I have vowed to fight for prisoners rights and against all injustices and the case of the MOVE 9 is clearly an injustice. This injustice really struck a chord with me because I clearly remember watching the injustices on the MOVE Organization when I was coming up. When I was 14 years old I remember seeing the news talking about the shoot out that took place in Powelton Village where the MOVE were located at the time in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police officer James J. Ramp was killed in this shootout. Seven other police officers, five were found guilty of third-degree murder in the shooting death of a police officer. Seven of the nine became eligible for parole in the spring of 2008, and all seven were denied parole which is what this rally was all about. These members of MOVE have been in prison for over 30 years now continuously professing their innocence. Keep in mind that in most all European countries the maximum prison sentence handed down for first degree murder is 21 years. This to me is a clear indication of an injustice taking place right before our very eyes. Parole hearings for MOVE members now occur yearly so yes, I stepped up to speak out for the release of the MOVE 9. They are political prisoners being held for their beliefs alone.

Speaking out at the MOVE 9 Rally 7-8-2010

Many traveled to Philadelphia in behalf of the MOVE 9 and many spoke out, calling for Justice. It is easy to sit on ones home computer and partake in the struggle. I am not criticizing here because the Internet is an essential tool in the fight for true justice. But, in order to really make a difference though people do need to make some sacrifices if WE the people are ever going to see some real change take place here in AmeriKKKa and world wide. If three of us can come out of pocket and drive over twenty hours in a car with no air condition there just is not any excuse for anyone within a 100 mile radius for not attending a rally, conference, festival or concert that is put together by the people for the people. I do wish to thank the small hand full of people that do support me by buying Cd's and tee-shirts which fund my tour calling for true justice and the fight for the ending of the death penalty world wide.

Ramona Africa the lone survivor of the MOVE bombing in 1985 who headed up the rally MOVED all in attendance with her speeches which were very heart felt by all those that were their to support her and the MOVE 9. Many passerby were also touched by Ramona and all the other speakers. People stopped to listen and to read the information handed out by all the protesters. Hearing Ramona speak was indeed powerful. One could not ignore the truth that she spoke. Her words were undeniable and one could not help but to see the reality of the injustices inflicted on the MOVE organization. Scars covered Ramona's arms and legs from the bombing she survived by Philadelphia Police, an act that was condemned by many, an act that resulted in the deaths of 11 men, women and children. Ramona Africa, after all she has withstood still till this very day remains on the front lines of the struggle. She is an inspiration and a true revolutionary that we all should support.

One is never to young to be a revolutionary. Many of the MOVE children stood up and spoke out demanding for justice and calling for the release of their comrades and loved ones. Let them be our inspiration and let us support them for they are our future.

The struggle continues as it has for centuries. In the past oppression was much more obvious. Today people believe they are free unable to see the works of our government. People still DEPEND on politicians. How can we say we are free when most are dependent on the government for everything? Having a house, a car and a good job does not equal freedom, it amounts to economical enslavement. Freedom is owning your own land without having to pay the government outrages taxes on your land. Freedom is being able to work your land, growing and raising your own food and being able to enjoy nature. Freedom is being able to roam the earth freely as the animals do. Instead most with the free will that we were born with choose economical enslavement without any resistance. People trade their freedom for video games, reality TV, mainstream media, cars, jewelry and fancy clothes. None of these amount to freedom. The MOVE 9 and countless other political prisoners sit dying in five by nine prison cells because they refused to conform. They refused what the government had to offer because they seen passed the lies and the deceit. Not only did they refuse to make a deal with the devil, they spoke out against it. Open your eyes and see the truth. You may feel comfortable right this moment sitting on your computer reading this blog, but what would happen next month if you lost your job? When one losses their job, that's when you see what is free in this country they call the land of the free. The only thing that is free in AmeriKKKa, is the fact that you are free to die in the street if you do not produce labor for the rich. One in every one hundred AmeriKKKans are now in prison. DO NOT, DO NOT fool yourself into thinking it will never happen to you. Because it can.

Peace, love and progress. In Revolution 4 All.

The Struggle Continues!!!

Read more on the MOVE Organization http://libcom.org/library/move-bombing-1985 and please support our efforts!!!

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