Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Global Days Of Action In Support Of Iran

This weekend 28-30th January will see the world once again stand up together in support of political prisoners and against executions in Iran. Events are being organised in many towns and cities and it's not too late for you to join in. If there is not an event organised already near you then it's easy to organise one yourself. All you need is your voice, on top of that you could have some petitions, some pictures and placards, handouts, friends and supporters... as much or as little as you like can be done to show your support. Perhaps members of the public would sign a sheet in support of the cause, or have their picture taken, record a short video clip... the possibilities are endless and the more creative among you will have some great ideas I'm sure.

I stand with The AIM and many other people and groups in fighting against executions worldwide and in support of political prisoners. This is a global problem, not just an Iranian one. But it's important to remember that Iran is at a point of revolution and we must all stand and show support to those living within the regime that are fighting to change it.

To find out about local events, or to arrange an event in your area, please visit this post by Mission Free Iran. This event is being organised by the usual groups - Mission Free Iran, International Committee Against Stoning, International Committee Against Executions and Iran Solidarity among many others. The AIM will be taking part in Glasgow (Saturday, 2pm) and all other AIM members and supporters are encouraged to join us either in Glasgow or in their local town or city.

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