Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lyrical Agent n Little Dread's Super Cypher

AIM UK emcee Lyrical Agent has immense lyrical abilities and his 13 year old little brother Little Dread is no doubt his hip-hop prodigy. It's touching to see these two brothers spittin real lyrical semtex on the same video. We're also so proud to see Lyrical Agent reppin his AIM family to the fullest. We'd love to get both these sick political spitters up on stage sometime this year with other UK hard hitters like the AIM's Brent Lee Regan, and other killer emcees like Knew Eyes, Johnny Handsome, and Plato. Some beatboxing from Bigg Taj and Subsonic wouldn't go a miss.

2011 is going to see The AIM spreading faster than wildfire in the UK, Canada, and on The West and East Coast of Amerikkka. Eventually we want chapters in every country which are cenralized to HQ (so that we never lose our core principles and strong organization). Injustice is global so this movement has to be global but we must approach our agenda locally, nationally and internationally to really make an impact. It also means that our talented hip-hop artists and street poets will have their message spread to the entire world rather than limited to their locality. The time has come for the sheeple to wake up and smell the thermite.

You can buy Lyrical Agent's sick CD Outside the Box right here. He also has a banger of a track called The Global Resistance featuring US artist Beast 1333, his homeboy Plato and himself which is also on our Lyrical Warfare Mixtape. Our mixtape is available at all decent online music stores. Please help support the work we do because we are a completely non-profit organization and receive no funding. Support the Revolution!

Always Think Outside the Box!

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