Wednesday, 8 December 2010

AIM Got Da X-Factor!

Vinnie Paz and Capital-'X'

Since The I Want Justice Tour AIM/Guerrilla Republik raptivist Capital-'X' has been a busy man. First off he had the incredible opportunity of opening for the legendary Vinnie Paz and Jedi Mind Tricks with his Norwegian comrade Sheepy Wonder in Norway. Not only did 'X' and Sheepy baptize the audience into the revolution against the death penalty with their hard hitting track 'Eye 4 N Eye' but they joined Jedi Mind Tricks on stage for the encore. Damn people I'd gorge out my right eye ball to meet Paz and JMT because they are up there on my list of hip-hop hard-hitters. Thus I am mad psyched that one of our artists had the honor of performing with such hardcore hip-hop heroes of mine. More importantly we have to give the big ups to both 'X' and Sheepy for educating the audience about the travesty of justice that is the death penalty. This is a crystal clear example of the way in which AIM raptivists educate the people by using words instead of weapons.

The next bit of AIM Hip-Hop news is massive because it not only involves Capital-'X' but also super sick AIM emcee Perseverance. When we dropped The AIM Raptivist Collective Lyrical Warfare Volume 1 Mixtape we included an ill track by Perseverance and 'X' called 'Business'. The track and the album went down harder than World Trade Centre 7. Now AIM brothers Perseverance and 'X' have released the track as an official music video called 'Businessmen'. Not only is the video fanfuckingtastic but both emcees rep The AIM Clika hard in it which will help raise awareness about our movement and the various artists and causes that we are involved with.

The fucking cherry on the cake is that the video is in a competition on Yo!Raps Magazine and our underground political hardhitters are annihilating the competion who consist of mainstream corporate puppets like Kanye West, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. Nevertheless we need your help to get them to seal the deal so if you believe in real underground hip-hop as opposed to mainstream corporate wank then please go here and give our boys five stars and leave a positive comment about the video. This will not only raise awareness about these two incredible artists but also about our movement and all the vital campaigns associated with it. It also flips the bird at mainstream white washed corporate candy rap. Let's take hip-hop out of the hands of the oppressors and utilize it as a tool to free the oppressed.

Capital-'X' has also just put out another firme video with Immortal Technique's hip-hop homeboy Akir. It's another dope political hip-hop vid that deserves global attention so please go check it out, rate up and leave your comments. Underground artists need your support and the ones we take on our roster are chosen not only because of their lyrical and musical ability but because they are fighting against injustice with words instead of weapons. Take AIM!

There Ain't No Such Thing as Half Way Revolutionaries!

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