Monday, 8 November 2010

Paria B Has Taken AIM!

We got new female Iranian sick spoken word emcee Paria B holdin it down for The AIM in Vegas with pure fire, passion and feminine power. This sister is gonna spit all you sheeple some home truths AIM stylee so bacdafuckup if you don't want change because she's bringing it hardcore for the AIM family and she got a whole army behind her. Her page will be coming soon along with that of Golden Cyclops (aka Conundrum). We also welcome hardcore Antifa Animal Rights Punk Princess Mo to the fam because she's no stranger to frontline activism and she can certainly pack a punch when attacked by a bald facist bonehead.

On a different subject The AIM Newsletter will be coming out soon but the second HQ computer got badly busticated so we'll get the newsletter (containing all the news on the world famous I Want Justice Tour and much more) to all you activist hip-hop hooligans when we get the technology back from AIM Scotland's ShiteKnight, our resident AIM member of the digeratti. It'll be worth the wait so quit whining bitches.

Anyways enough of your President, the female Scarface with a conscience, because I want you to check out the jaw dropping lyrical prowess of our new AIM sister. We got a prolific amount of hot radical political underground hip-hop coming to you real soon but until then fuck with this dope shyt aight.


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