Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Welcome To The Family Rainbow Castro!

By now you should all be aware of The Love Police and the great work done by it's members. Since being introduced to them by Lilith a few months ago we at HQ have been big fans of their work so we were delighted to connect with an active Glasgow member online. One thing led to another as it does in life, and Glasgow AIM met up with Glasgow Love Police for some hippy tea and much chatting. The tea was lovely, the weather pleasant, and the chatting AMAZING!

So, the relevance of all this is that The AIM is proud to introduce it's newest member Rainbow Castro! She is a lovely girl and already off taking AIM like she's powered by rocket fuel. Her own work as an activist has led her in many directions in terms of her passions and interests, and her investigative skills are already being taken advantage of. She will be taking part in the Glasgow protest for 100 Cities Of The World Against Stoning this Saturday and will even be providing her very own megaphone (that makes us real protesters now you know). As well as that we will also have our very own banner against stoning made especially for the occasion by a local Glasgow artist known to The AIM as 'Olive Green'. Olive Green is Rainbow Castro's partner as well as an AIM supporter, and now a great friend of us girls here at HQ!

With all the skills and passion Rainbow Castro has HQ have asked her to become a junior HQ coordinator and help out here when she can and we look forward to many afternoons of tea and business at HQ with her! The AIM has been growing so fast in all the right directions that we really feel her help could come at no better time. She also has alot of experience working in the music industry so we'll be making good use of her in that respect as well. But it's not all take take take... Rainbow Castro is very passionate about alot of the things The AIM is so she's looking forward to getting stuck in and doing what she can with an army of AIM soldiers beside her. She is very active in many areas including political activism and animal welfare (her day job is as a Zoo Keeper... how cool is that!). Add to this her passion for music, including Hip-Hop and many other genres, and it should be as clear to you all as it is clear to us that The AIM and Rainbow Castro are just meant to be family!

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