Friday, 27 August 2010

AIM Against Stoning

This Saturday thousands of people in more than 100 cities all around the world will come together against stoning, and The AIM will be among them.

In Glasgow, AIM HQ have organised a rally starting at 2pm and are planning to talk about the reality of stoning, give information and leaflets to passersby and gather signatures so end stoning, save Sakineh, and remove Iran from the UN Commission On The Status Of Women.

Our newest supporter Olive Green has painted 2 banners for us to use and we are also looking forward to some great video footage courtesy of a shiny new AIM video camera (well actually it belongs to Lilith but I am pretty sure she'll let us borrow it quite alot lol)

In Niagara Falls, Canada AIM members Coffy and Dee will be attending a rally and will also be representing The AIM as one of the guest speakers. Coffy and Dee are very active in their area and often take part in rallies and protests so we feel there is no one better to to speak on behalf of us all to the people of Niagara.

It was also recently arranged that AIM Puerto Rico will also be on the streets on Saturday taking a stand against stoning. AIM member Mother Justice and a local activist called Ivonne will meet in San Juan and speak to people about stoning. They have posters and other materials and we look forward to seeing some pictures and maybe some video footage of the first ever protest in Puerto Rico with an AIM presence!

Anyone who has some free time on Saturday is encouraged to take part in an event. If there is not one near you it is not too late to organise one. All you need is a petition, maybe some fliers or posters (available here), a picture of Sakineh perhaps, and if you can find anyone willing then someone to do it with you. It doesn't need to be big to make a difference. I have been to rallies with hundreds of people and also protests with just 2. Both work in different ways, but equally. If you want to do something and would like some support to do so then just email us and we'll help out as much as possible.

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