Friday, 23 July 2010

Mental Freedom and Mindfulness

Looking at the AIM and its members may overwhelm people no matter what religion, race, creed or political affiliation. The members are dedicated and inspired. Each one of us came from our own respective parts of the globe and picked up good and bad habits along the way. Whether we were prosecuted by our families and chased out of our homelands due to religion, spent decades as government slaves in the prison system, spent 16 hours a day for weeks in silence in meditation, sabotaged KKK rallies in our youth, or studied a lifetimes worth of documents on corrupt political systems of the world and achieved high levels of education, we have converged under one banner.

Our mission isn't to bond by exclusion the way many organized religions have gained followers. Its not about a drive to be part of something exclusive. The only thing we have realized is that we are ALL part of something exclusive on this rock which is being a human and surprisingly enough, this understanding is what separates our reality as a group from the realities of others. By understanding this connection in our waking consciousness we know that we can never be free as a species unless all of us are free. Freedom is a state of mind as we have seen from many of the great writers and leaders of our time. They were forced to endure and found peace when they were physically confined. You can cage the physical person but you cannot cage their ideas and thoughts. We see this in the words of Nelson Mandela and Mumia. The ideas start small and then they expand like a wildfire. Mental emancipation is slowly spreading but the contraints run deep as they are almost embedded in our DNA.

The old corrupt thought of entitlement based on name or family lineage, justice based on commerce, or superiority based on race, gender or religion are the instruments used for centuries to create the mental prison that has alienated us from ourselves as we are separated in our mental cells. We cannot be mentally free while these institutions are in place because they perpetuate ego and economic cannibalism. Those in power have actually convinced us, and aided us in stealing from each other as long as we give them a cut. Being trapped in these mental cells we have learned to cut each others throats for our own piece of a cake that those who have manipulated us have taught us to want. By living in these mental cells we have had no choice but to look at ourselves separately because we feel thats what our "purpose" is. These concepts of differences are fueled by capitalism, world governments, religious nationalism, consumerism, sexism and racism.

The point is not for every person to drop everything they're doing and dedicate their lives the way members of the AIM have, the point is to dedicate our lives to one other. The systems that seem to be concreted into turning us against each other so we are easily manipulated will not be taken down by our "right to bare arms" against them. It will be taken down by every day actions of every person under its rule. Propping up your fellow human is the antithesis of these driving forces. If someone feels helpless against defending women's rights against Sharia law, a time will come when a person will be ready and the illusion of helplessness will subside. Until then, theres people who need your help in your own community and if you're one of those people that needs the help, we will help you and theres still always something to give.

The AIM is not only about helping all our brothers and sisters, it is about educating to help bring others out of their mental incarcerations so that they to can have a healthy mind to combat the manipulators. No one has to be part of any group to help a child to care for another. Theres always something you can do, no matter how small. Its the volition behind it that spreads.

To all the AIM members, we need to lead by example. Communication is key, we must hold a high standard because if we are separate, then we can never unify others. Up the ante people.



  1. Wow what a facinating blog, very insightfull and some very true points.I think its really important to re-educate ourselves and others,to reclaim our compassion for others and our sense of right and wrong. Very often in life we are put in the position of sacrificing our own ethics, for personal gain or out of a fear of authority. Small acts of non compliance with the system which encourages this are essential. such as speaking out against injustice and unfairness, doing whats right or simply giving someone a helping hand could make a massive differance. Thanks for the mental stimulation V Non

  2. I'm proud to say Gabe is a friend of mine... powerful words from a powerful brother!