Tuesday, 29 May 2012

AIM Clika Member of the Month: Enki

Enki: AIM Dirty Jerz General, MC & Activist

Our first ever AIM Clika 'Member of the Month' goes to AIM Dirty Jerz (East Coast) General, MC and activist Enki. He is doing an incredible job running his New Jersey Chapter and remaining active in the world of underground political hip hop and activism while reppin his AIM Clika fam to the fullest. Check out his AIM Clika artist's profile right here and bump some of his ill anti-illuminati tracks while you're at it. Also if you're an MC, activist, B-Boy/B-Girl, graff artist, DJ, producer, writer, hacktivist or any other type of revolutionary that could benefit the global struggle for justice in the New Jersey area then check out A.I.M. Dirty Jerz and get at Enki if you want to take AIM.

Mad Respect Enki. You are Member of the Month!

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