Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Red Cross Misuse Quake Monies To Buy Land, Build a Hotel Like Clinton-Bush Fund by Ezili Dantò

There are over 800,000 earthquake victims still homeless or reshuffled, evicted out of the tents and tarps, 526,000 sick from UN-cholera, 7,000 dead from cholera, there's no shelter for the majority poor in Site Soley, no clean water for the suffering public.

But, the Red Cross uses $10.5 million in quake money to buy land in Haiti, now proposes to build a hotel like Clinton/Bush fund. Not in providing clean water infrastructure and sanitation. No. The Red Cross is considering building a hotel and conference center.

"The hope is that profits could sustain the work of Haiti's local Red Cross in the coming years, the head of the international group's Haitian delegation said Monday." (Red Cross Weighs Decision to Build Hotel in Haiti, AP, http://nyti.ms/HghcYO)

Now this the organization that is first in line to beg for "crisis" monies with each new crisis in Haiti and NEVER spends monies from one crisis for another. Keeping the storm monies. Collecting new monies for the earthquake and holding it in the bank, they said for "reconstruction" for Haiti. Providing hotels to foreigners apparently is reconstruction for Haitians.

Instead of building housing for the earthquake victims or the people in Site Soley who are living in filth primarily because the US promised jobs in the 80s that never were sustainable;

Instead of USAID making amends for slaughtering the peasant's livestock, killing 1.3 million indigenous Haiti pigs on a with-hunt to force the peasants into the Port au Prince capital to work at their non-jobs;

Instead of Bill Clinton's apology for destroying centuries of rural livelihood in Haiti with dumped Arkansas rice, as well as dumping US infertile seeds that depleted the land being made meaningful with new shelter and housing and reparations in the form of real investment in sustainable agriculture, the Clintons - one leading USAID, one leading the UN mission in Haiti - are building hotels in Port au Prince and in the North of Haiti.

A Korean factory is empty up in the North, but the Clintons are spending earthquake monies to build 5000 new homes for the anticipated factory workers.

I say "anticipated" because responsible Haitians know the shelters up North won't be for Haitians to live in.

The housing up North as well as the University the US just helped build in Limonade in the North (as opposed to using earthquake relief monies where the earthquake happened and repair the University of Haiti in Port au Prince) are, in fact, for the foreigners who need housing for their enterprises up North including the mining and oil drilling and deep water ports their stealing.

Recall there is five times more violence in the Dominican Republic than in Haiti. But the University up North is being uhmm "safeguarded" by the Dominican military. The Dominicans wish a piece of the pie if the Bankers and corporate oligarchy want their military arm to put down any Haiti resistance.

But you know, the propaganda is that they are on Haiti territory - them, Clinton, Farmer, the 37,000 to 42,000 NGOs to "heal" and "protect" Haitians.

Healing Haitians and providing jobs and education are the reasons these evil abominations, blan colon, always give to idiot and cowardly Haitians who are into denial.

So under the rubric of healing, protecting, providing relief, jobs and education, the colonial enterprise against Haiti marches forward.

There's no shelter, no clean water, no sanitation but blan colon has lots of idiot Haiti "technocrats" put up front to manage the peasant and patriot's resistance against the expansion of their retarded selves onto Haitian territory.

Meanwhile, pick up the mainstream news reporting on Haiti and it's filled with the propaganda that the Haiti government is "ordering" the ex-soldiers to clear out of the old bases they've taken over. Or, they are running some tripe about Gerald Latortue/Jeb Bush's Miami about to indict President Aristide on corruption charges. Talk about projection!

None in the mainstream media is doing any real reporting work, investigating the corruption of Gerarld Latortue, the Bush administration for ousting a democratically elected President, the NGOs failures in Haiti, the UN's continued denial of liability even though Bill Clinton admits they brought cholera. Not one talks about the UN hiding behind immunity to commit crimes with impunity. (Bill Clinton admits UN brought cholera, Haiti raped again)

Oh no, they're back to the witch-hunt against Aristide to further silence and terrorize Haiti's majority, keeping the NGOS, the UN and the pharmaceutical companies flush on Haiti's poverty and agony. No democracy, no justice. Just vampires gorging themselves on Haiti blood, bodies and lands.

When the Washington Post, Miami Herald, ABC news, CNN or AP are not telling us about their puppet president's efforts (who, by the way, has no government since the Prime Minister resigned) to clear the ex-soldiers out of their old bases is the biggest "news" on Haiti today, they're running op-eds on how the US and UN don't want Martelly to revive the old Haitian army. (Haiti government orders former soldiers to clear old bases -http://wapo.st/GCVL0s or http://abcn.ws/GDFk6b )

Tell me please no one believes this crock! This CIA-made pretense.

Remember the US and US slaughters in Site Soley, Bel Air, Solino, Martissant, Gran Ravine? Recall the execution of ex-soldier Ravix by the US forces hidden behind UN guns? Come on folks? There are over 13,000 foreign soldiers on Haitian lands and their puppet government can't get some rag-tag ex-soldiers and their new guns out of old bases? (Haiti: The Handwriting on the Wall for Martelly and the US http://bit.ly/GHlsRH )

Truly, the embedded media is a travesty shoveling manure into the brains of the unsuspecting reader. All the while the quake monies are used to make Haiti a tourist haven, Haiti women, boys and girls are the bodies they invade, not just our lands are being raped.

And so it is with this latest Red Cross straight up STEALING from the earthquake victims. (Red Cross Weighs Decision to Build Hotel in Haiti - http://nyti.ms/HghcYO )

Ezili's HLLN urges the Haitian government, if you politicos have any, any shred of dignity left, void the SOFA agreement and deport all NGOs from Haiti NOW!!!!

Ezili Danto of HLLN March, 2012

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