Sunday, 11 September 2011

What About What They Dont Want You To Remember....

I will never forget about the 3,000 innocent people that died unnecessarily on 9/11. I will never forget because not only did innocent PEOPLE die in the Twin Towers, this tragedy was then exploited by every media source to justify the killing of well over 100,000 innocent women and children in foreign lands. No, I do not feel more of an affinity for our 3000 because INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE to me. With the US logging in at 737 military bases worldwide, I hardly think of us as the victims.

The US government and appointed officials who have a vested interest in gaining capital from their war corporations have gone out of their way to get the US public to focus on the 3000 innocent people who died. Actions speak louder than words as the death toll for the first responders on 9/11 now exceeds 1000. Yes, 1/3 of the people who died in those buildings are heroes who helped save thousands and are dying right now. You would figure that these heroes would be first on the list for medical procedures and would get front row seating to memorial ceremonies but they get neither. They are denied adequate health care and are not even invited to the memorial ceremonies. You would figure that if the government and the media really cared about human life the way they are selling, the first responders would be on the TOP of every list as they are dying, literally as I write this.

The truth is they do not care.

Theres millions upon millions of dollars poured into exploiting the US publics emotions to secure a strong support for war which creates more capital (for them of course). Buzz words are all you see: "attacks", "remember","muslim terrorist". You can almost feel the pressure.

If there was any real humanity, they would also mention the 6,500 troops, mostly YOUNG men and women who have been killed so that US war corporations can keep their government contract money flowing. If they really cared about US citizens, they would ensure adequate mental care for the returning vets who are committing suicide in record numbers and worse than that, conspiring to murder more innocent US CHILDREN as we saw a bomb plot foiled at a high school which was planned by a Naval officer in my local city a week ago.

If you think that we are engaged in a war on terrorism and torture gets us leads on plots, then why didnt they take Bin Laden in and waterboard him for more answers for this "fight"? For the patriots who stand by our military choices and torture, why then do you think Usama was not pressed for more Al Qaeda answers being a sole "conspirator"?

On this day, they dont want you to remember any of that. They hope to rally a nation into joining hands in sending our children to die, killing other peoples children in other countries so that a select few can continue their wealth and bloodline.

I DO NOT write this to downplay the death of innocents in the Twin Towers, I write this to be consistent in our declaration of the importance of human life. I do not hate this country, I expect more of it. I feel I personally know some of the strongest and smartest individuals in US history. We all need to OPEN OUR EYES

Gabe Rosales (VNON)

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