Sunday, 24 April 2011

Eastborn Travels to Palestine for the Samouni Project

Scottish Hip Hop Artist/Youth Worker and Political Activist (& AIM supporter) Eastborn will be travelling out to Palestine in a humanitarian convoy on the 15th May to help the Samouni family who suffered the great loss when 48 Family members were shelled by the Israeli forces as they sat in a house, a house the Israeli’s knew to be full of children and women as they had moved them to the house “for their protection”. The area is now to stand as a defiant symbol to this disgraceful act by building a Community Centre complete with classrooms to help educate the local community.

Eastborn will help with the construction of the building and work with the young people when he is out there. Beforehand the convoy will pass through the Eastern Block visiting children’s orphanages in the area before going on to Gaza.

Eastborn who is currently recording a track for the Project, with a video to come soon, will also pay homage to the fallen comrade Vittorio Arrigoni who sadly lost his life in Palestine after he was murdered protecting the people of Palestine.

So where can you help? Well the convoy desperately needs financial donations to help with petrol costs as well as the Project it self.  A Paypal has been set up at (please add PALESTINE in the subject heading). We are also looking for Baby/Toddler/Kids clothes, Sports Equipment, Toys and School Equipment. For a drop off area close to yourself please email and we will be happy to help. Or email Riz Harcus on Facebook


PAYPAL Donations to (subject Heading Palestine)

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