Wednesday, 9 March 2011

End Modern-Day Slavery in Mauritania (via Care2)

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It's estimated that 40 percent of the population of Mauritania, West Africa, is either living in slavery or has a relative who is.

Let the Mauritanian Embassy of the United States know that the practice of slavery is unacceptable. »

Slavery in Mauritania is often passed down through generations, and slaves are raised in a social and religious system that reinforces the legitimacy of their situation everyday. Many slaves face beatings and rape on a daily basis, and have no legal way to stop it.

Mauritania criminalized the owning of slaves in 2007, but anti-slavery activists say that very few "masters" are ever prosecuted.

Join us in putting pressure on the Mauritanian government by sending a message to the Mauritanian Embassy of the United States.

Tell Mauritania to prosecute those who practice slavery. »

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