Monday, 14 March 2011

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News Alerts: Belmarsh prison deaths: Report reveals action still not taken” plus 5 more

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Posted: 12 Mar 2011 07:01 AM PST
Epileptic Godfrey Moyo, 25, who was on remand, died after being restrained face down on the floor at Belmarsh prison in Thamesmead, for approximately 20 minutes following a fit in his cell in January 2005. The family had to wait more than four years for his inquest where they heard prisoner officers give evidence as well as GPs and paramedics.
Posted: 12 Mar 2011 06:48 AM PST
Nearly a year after the shooting death of seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Michigan State Police requested a warrant, March 3, for an unidentified officer in the child’s killing.
Posted: 12 Mar 2011 06:39 AM PST
Janis Sharp, who lives in Brookmans Park, had written to the Deputy Prime Minister asking for a meeting to discuss her Asperger’s sufferer son’s case, only to be given the brush off. She is demanding Mr McKinnon be tried in the UK and had been bolstered by pre-election promises by Mr Clegg to try her son here.
Posted: 12 Mar 2011 06:32 AM PST
The family of Daniel Morgan leave the Old Bailey after three men are acquitted of charges over the 1987 murder of a private investigator who was found with an axe embedded in his head in a pub car park.
Posted: 12 Mar 2011 06:17 AM PST
Richard Haley is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been active in Britain's anti-war movement since 2003. He is a member of the Stop the War Coalition and is currently Chair of Scotland Against Criminalising Communities. Last December, on Human Rights Day, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities initiated a “Stop Isolation” campaign with an online statement arguing that solitary confinement is a form of torture that must be abolished.
Posted: 12 Mar 2011 06:09 AM PST
Police forces and councils who want to set up CCTV systems will have to be open and clear about what they will be used for and why under Home Office plans following a controversial scheme in Birmingham.

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