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HSI Helps Animals In Egypt

February 18, 2011
HSI: Help keep these rescued lions safe forever
A historic yet fragile transformation is underway in Egypt, and our thoughts are with its citizens during these unsettled times. As is often the case in the midst of such unrest, however, animal suffering is widespread -- and the situation in Egypt is no exception.
Humane Society International has had a steady presence in the Middle East in recent years, and our HSI representative is in Cairo to identify and meet the most pressing needs: Helping local and regional organizations with veterinary and medical supplies and animal care. We’re also supporting the efforts of Worldwide Veterinary Services to transport supplies to Cairo.
Working animals -- like horses, donkeys and camels -- have been hit hard, especially with the decrease in tourism, and many are without food, water and other necessities. Companion animals, too, have been adversely affected. Some have been separated from their families -- even left behind when their families were evacuated -- and now they’re in shelters which are overflowing. These are the animals we’re helping.
While we’re not alone in providing hands-on support in this emergency, HSI is dedicated to long-range animal welfare work in Egypt. We’re working to strengthen the country's emerging animal protection community on several fronts, including providing crucial spay/neuter training to veterinarians and helping to enhance their surgical skills.
Your generous support makes this work possible. Thank you for all you do for animals.
Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
President & CEO
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