Friday, 11 February 2011

Fair Play Competition

The AIM recently received an email from the people at Fair Play and would like to share information about both the organisation and the competition they are currently running. Please check out their site and support them in anyway you can.

10 JANUARY 2011

Anti-Corruption Music Video Competition Is Open!

The impact of corruption on our communities cannot be accurately conveyed in numbers or reports. To understand how it affects the lives of people, we must listen to their voices.

FAIR PLAY Anti-Corruption Youth Voices is a global competition for original songs by young bands (18-35 years) on the theme of anti-corruption, brought to you by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, JMI and the World Bank Institute.

FAIR PLAY is an awareness-raising program and a network building effort to connect socially conscious artists and citizens worldwide and highlight the role of youth in combating and preventing corruption.

From 10 Jan 2011 artists/bands are invited to upload their anti-corruption music videos to YouTube and submit their entry to the competition website.

Deadline for entries: 20 March 2011.

The prizes:

3 winning bands (as selected by the Fair Play jury) will win a trip to Kenya to participate in the 2nd Global Anti-Corruption Forum and perform in Nairobi.
the band that receives the most online votes for their video will get a studio session worth 2000 USD.

For more information contact:

Kate Declerck

Cristian Gheorghiu

Global Youth Anti Corruption Network (GYAC) is a global network of youth organizations working on anti-corruption issues. It aims to establish a global youth network of emerging leaders that nurtures and is nurtured by the expansion of country-level initiatives to improve transparency and accountability; and create an enabling environment for youth to tackle corruption, in which youth themselves will set priorities to inform the follow-up activities of the network. The program will bring together youth between the ages of 18-35 active in anti-corruption efforts, youth journalists and young socially responsible musicians to increase awareness among youth about the impact of corruption on development in their countries; and create country level youth networks to promote concrete initiatives for greater transparency and accountability.

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