Friday, 28 January 2011

Self Defense Is NOT A Crime: Petition

This relates to a personal friend of a good friend and AIM supporter and she has asked for any help I can give her. Steve Kane has been jailed for over 3 years for GBH with Intent, and Assault despite serious errors on the part of the police and the CPS, and evidence proving that he acted in self defense.

Please read the below petition text and sign it.

Category: Justice
Region: Wales
Target: The CPS, The Minister of Justice
Background (Preamble):
Mr. Steve Kane was recently found guilty of GBH with Intent and Assault for which he is now serving a prison term sentence of 3 years and four months.
It is a travesty of the British Justice system which has allowed this case to have even reached the court stage, and if the CPS Full Code Test had been implemented correctly and adhered to its own guidelines then this case would have been dismissed at the outset.

The CPS has presented a very biased and prejudiced case to which the police also made some serious mistakes in their reporting of this investigation. There were discredited witness statements in the case for the prosecution, and there is medical evidence, CCTV footage and independent witness statements that all back Mr. Kane’s statement of self defence.

There were also points of contention with the court case itself and Mr. Kane was not actually given the chance to fully defend himself with the full use of both witnesses and points of evidence that he wanted to present.

These were not allowed to be seen or heard due to the fact that the trial was condensed from the original allotted timescale of 5 days down to 3 days by the presiding Judge which we feel was majorly detrimental to the defence case and subsequently biased toward Mr. Kane.

The Judge also ruled that there would be no time allotted to witnesses for the defence who could not make an appearance in court before the end of the third day, despite them having already arranged to do so prior to the trial on the request of the defence legal team as they were of the conviction that the trial would be allowed its full allotted court time. This actually ruled out witnesses who could not rearrange their work schedules.

The Judge also allowed a Jury member who admitted on the second day of the trial to working in the same office as a prosecution witness related to the case to stay on the jury, which makes it possible that the jury could have been seriously influenced by this same juror, and therefore gives reason to believe that the verdict given in this case to be unsafe and corrupt.

There is currently a complaint file being compiled against the CPS which fully questions the decisions made by their department in this instance. It calls for them to fully review their decisions, and fully explain why this case was brought to court.

The actual complaints against Mr. Kane had all been dropped by the men in question and yet the CPS continued to push the conviction forward at an enormous cost to the taxpayers and also at an enormous personal cost to Mr. Kane and his family.

It does not serve the public interest to have this man incarcerated. He is a very public spirited man whose only crime that evening was to have defended himself against an aggressive and unprovoked attack. Mr. Stephen Kane is a well loved and well respected family man. He is also a well known and popular entertainer throughout South Wales and as such has contributed to the local community, national and international fundraising causes for over 24 years for which he personally has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Anyone that knows Steve on a personal level will attest to his good character and public spirit. Steve has donated huge amounts of his time and energy to help many people over the years and as such we now ask you to help him in his hour of need by signing this petition.
We the undersigned are of the opinion that the CPS has not acted within “The Public Interest” in allowing the case against Mr. Stephen Kane to go to court on the evidence that was presented.

We are of the opinion that Mr. Kane acted purely in a self defensive manner and that this action was not excessive or extreme in these given circumstances.
We wholeheartedly agree that this is a travesty of the British Justice System and that this conviction should, therefore be deemed wholly unsafe.

We demand on this occasion that Mr. Kane should be released immediately from his prison term and that the convictions against him for GBH with intent and assault be overturned.

We wholeheartedly agree that Mr. Kane should be completely exonerated on all aspects of this conviction, and we demand that Justice is seen to be done in this case.
The Free Steve Kane, Self defence is not a crime petition to The CPS, The Minister of Justice was written by J. Kane and is hosted free of charge at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , , , ,

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