Friday, 19 November 2010

Success Stories via Care2

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Every Care2 petition helps us get closer to meeting our goals for a better tomorrow. Please take a look at how your signatures are helping.
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Suu Kyi Released
Suu Kiy Burmese political leader and 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, was finally released after two decades under house arrest. Over 30,000 Care2 members added their name to the petition to free Suu Kiy. Many are rejoicing in the news of her release. Suu Kiy is a leader and advocate for democracy in the country. Read more.
Animals Win On Election Day
Happy Dog Animals and animal rights activists are thrilled about these two major victories on election night, protecting animals in two different states: the passage of the Puppy Mill Bill, Prop B in Missouri and the defeat of Prop 109 in Arizona that would have blocked wildlife initiatives. Thank you to all who take action in support animals! Read more.
Fox News North Will Not Be Funded By Cable Fees
Fox News Logo "Fox News North" chances of becoming a reality are looking slim after a bid for forced access to cable fees was dropped -- thanks in large part to an out pour of complaints, letters and petitions throughout Canada and the United States. The Care2 petition to keep hate media out of Canada gathered more than 8,500 signatures. Read more. Removes Pedophelia Book From Store
Kindle Phillip R. Greaves' The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: caused quite a stir when promoted on Members boycotted the site and more than 6,000 Care2 members have already signed the petition telling Amazon promoting this literature is wrong. The book has since been removed from the site. Read more.
Many Care2 members -- like you -- start petitions with hopes of helping a local issue. Yet the following petitions are attracting world wide support. Take a look and add your name to these petitions if you haven't already.
Save Pot Plant Owls Wetland
Owl The home of the Pot Plant Owl, endangered Giant African Bull Frog and many other species is being threatened. Clearing this wetland for new houses -- in Johannesburg, South Africa -- will leave many animals without food or a home. Over 20,000 Care2 members have already signed this petition created by a fellow member. Help now.
Close Mobile Zoos In Ukraine
Monkey More than 19,000 members have already signed this activist petition to help animals in the Ukraine. Many animals used for circuses and mobile zoos suffer through poor living conditions and abuse in order to turn a profit -- and there are no laws in the Ukraine protecting these animals. Help now.
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