Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Art of Lyrics: SAI & Enki

To celebrate the genesis of our East Coast New York/New Jersey AIM Chapter sharp spitting Generals SAI (New York Shot Caller) and Enki (Dirty Jerz Shot Caller) spat some hard AIM truth on the same stage. Our sick spitting political East Coast emcees/activists kicked it hardcore at the Art of Lyrics event on Friday October 15th in the home of Hip-Hop itself, da Bronx. The results were explosive and they repped harder than a flamed up Blood but it was justice not violence these cats were spreading like fucking wildfire. To see how hard they brought it to the Bronx for the AIM East Coast Familia check this hot shyt. Your ears and eyes are gonna need treated for third degree burns homies.

Want to join AIM East Coast then hit us up at! We want activists, political emcees, beatboxers, street poets, graff writers, B-Boys & B-Girls, writers, hacktivists and anyone with skills, cojones and a passion to actualize justice.
AIM and Never Blink!

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