Sunday, 1 August 2010

MC Therapist


MC Therapist has traveled a long distance to arrive where he is today. His long journey began in the city of brotherly love when he began playing rhythm guitar and singing lead vocals for a punk rock band at age of twelve. After several years of performing cover tunes (as well as original material ) in local bars and winning multiple "battle of the bands" competitions, his band Blackout broke up as members creativity's grew in different directions. Being a huge fan of underground hip hop all the while performing with his band Blackout, Therapist decided to transmute his style of song-writing from deep angered "punk poetry" to a more aggressive lyricism which consisted of hardcore tongue-twisting rhyme schemes and social awareness. These are the events that took place and the end result was the birth of a revolutionary minded emcee who in time evolved into the conscious activist songwriter he is today.

Unlike many rappers of today, Therapist is true to the culture of hip-hop. He lives submerged not only in the element that most know as rap, he is also a talented and very well known graffiti artist. Even as a singer of a punk rock band Therapist had a deep heartfelt connection to this ancient art form. Today not a day passes that Therapist does not hone both of his crafts which he has mastered.

On his rise within the Philadelphia underground hip hop scene Therapist began hosting open mics throughout the city all the while seeking out like minded artists which eventually lead him to become a proud member of The AIM (Anti Injustice Movement). A global organization with a wealth of talent that is based in the United Kingdom.

Becoming a part of a global organization such as The AIM who use poetry and all the elements of hip-hop to battle against all injustice world wide, MC Therapist now has hopes of joining his European comrades in the near future to continue spreading his powerful therapeutic vibes and deep meaningful messages even further than he has.

Therapist has a lot to offer not just to the hip-hop community but to the world as a whole. His music and performance are spiritually, emotionally and mind captivating. Therapist commands the microphone and he literally owns every stage he sets foot on. This young and multi talented raptivist is a force to be reckoned with.

To date Therapist has performed with Jeru Da Damaja, Chief Kamachi (of Army Of The Pharaohs), Jus-Allah (of Jedi-Mind-Tricks), Doodlebug/Cee Knowledge (of Digable Planets) and Capital-”X” just to name a few and he is yet to release his long awaited debut release which is set for a 2011 release. Although his partner and main source of production (Unabeatz) was recently incarcerated, Therapist has not skipped a beat. Now working with producers from all over the world nothing can stop him from healing those that have been mentally damaged by the cookie cutter commercial main stream music corporations try to pawn off as hip-hop.



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