Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hip Hop, Social Justice and Norway

Hip-Hop Educator & Activist Solomon Commisiong, a close friend of our own Capital-'X' and a contributor of on point articles to The AIM, has released a new documentary called Hip Hop, Social Justice and Norway about his recent visit to Norway to participate in the Kristiansand ProtestFestival with his comrades Capital-'X' and Bashir Malouf. The documentary includes footage from Capital-'X's I Want Justice Tour in Norway, which will be coming to the UK from October 3rd to October 6th, and also features US Latino emcee Jehuniko and a host of sick political hip-hop artists from AIM UK. This documentary not only illustrates the mind blowing revolutionary charisma of AIM General Capital-'X' but also highlights the way in which Hip-Hop can be used as a powerful weapon in the fight for social justice.

Take AIM!

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