Tuesday, 27 July 2010

7/7 The Big Picture (VIDEO)

Shalom! Today I am asking all of you to check out this great new documentary 7/7 The Big Picture. The film details all the inconsistincies and unsubstantiated "evidence" in the Government's "Official Narrative" without offering any new theories for the audience. It is very unbiased and I was quite impressed with the information it uncovered. I highly recommend this one over the other two prominent 7/7 "expose's" 7/7 Mind The Gap & 7/7 Ripple Effect

It has been five years since 56 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured in the bombings in London. Despite numerous petitions and appeals to Parliament, we the people have still not had an independent inquiry into the event... and that is a crime!

Watch this film (all 10 parts are in the player)... do some research and start voicing your opinion on this matter before it happens again!

This film is courtesy of www.WideShut.co.uk - YouTube.com/WideShutUK

Part 01 - Five years on
Part 03 - CCTV Analysis

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  1. I saw it on your blog and gave it a watch last night and agree with you its really unbiased and seems to really look at the inforamtion avaliable to show that the official story has a lot of inconsitencies and that people deserve the truth. Thanks for sharing