Thursday, 17 June 2010


Imagine walking down the street, or riding your bike, or driving your car, and you suddenly see a 7"5 tall 380 pound huge beast of a man who is beating up a small person...perhaps a young girl or young boy, 5 feet tall, 100 pounds....a giant beating a small individual to a pulp. On top of that, you are actually on your way to the airport to take a flight which will change your life forever...perhaps to see a long lost loved one, perhaps to an interview accross the ocean for a position in the job/career you've always wanted to have....and you are running late already!! You KNOW what would do in this situatiton, it is inevitable! you have no choice! it has become a reflex! you would get off your car, or your bike, run faster than you thought was possible and launch towards that abusive monstruosity with a flying kick to the back of his neck. More than likely your kick will not do much to that massive bully now staring at you, you will get your ass whooped, and of top of that you will miss your flight. No rewards, no fame. But that's you...that's me....that's we....and the person who was being initially beaten was able to run away while your frame became the right distraction. WHY WE? why are we built this way? I've always asked myself that question and I know you have also. Moreover, this non-hesitant reflex reaction appears to place you in once again another "minority" group....the "I will fight for justice and not give a damn what happens" group. And that huge beast, that monstruosity, that massive being will follow you around throughout will shapeshift into the form of the music industry which will stomp on you if you approach it with rewards unless you are ruthless in some way, or selfish, or fame for you; or it will take the form of racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia...same beast, same monster...and you just don't give a damn, you launch towards it with your flying kick, with your unique martial art, your spoken word, your verses, your dance, your chant, your paintings, your truth, your lightning bolts of justice and then.....then eventually you look around you and...DUCK, WATCH OUT!! there's flying kicking maniacs just like you launching quickly like a blurr towards this mass, this source of oppression and now you begin to become aware that you actually stand a chance...there are others just like you who are willing to catch wreck and who also missed their flight inorder to do this....and that's wassup!!! that's the making of the we, that's the calling of the inevitable....welcome to the A.I.M you crazy warrior you.


  1. SAI I absolutely love this. It's a wonderful analogy and I think it's something all true AIM members will feel deeply. By the way Taking AIM was played on the radio show I was interviewed on tonight (click the widget below to listen if you like). It went down great with Wisdom Supreme, the host.

    Keep Fighting That Beast! We Got You Covered Por Vida!

  2. I deeply appreciate that AK, everything in fact. I listened to the interview and wrote the blog afterward, after being inspired by your explanation of who we are.

    can't wait to be there,

  3. This is fantastic! It really does describe how I feel about the struggle, the hurdles we face, the reasons we do it, The AIM as a team.

    Excellent job SAI, thank you!

  4. This made me grin from ear to ear we are a mass of flying kicking maniacs love it.