Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Look AIM Blog

We have for a while now been looking for an easier (and prettier) way to post our blogs onto the site and in a stroke of genius this evening I have figured something out. If you're reading this via our website then the changes will be obvious to you. We will now be posting our blogs via blogger/blogspot and this will allow an altogether more pleasant blogging experience.

As many of you know, blogger allows multiple authors so all AIM members will now be able to easily post their blogs to The AIM's blog. There will be guidelines that need to be followed (that I have listed below) that will ensure consistency throughout the blog, but here at HQ we are very much looking forward to an increase in posts and the topics covered. Using the old blog format we had needed the entire blog to be written in HTML which in turn was very time consuming and often frustrating. Using blogger will make us all much happier and a blog no longer seems as daunting as it once did.

AIM Blogging Guidelines:

Title and Text must be in white, verdana, 12pt (size normal/small depending on which blogger editor you use)
Please spell check the blog and correctly capitalise it
Include relevant links
Avoid posting just videos/pictures as a blog entry
Make sure the post is relelvant to The AIM
At the end of your blog try to make a recommendation to our readers (a site, video, album, person, etc)
Tag the entry appropriately (e.g. The AIM, HipHop, Poetry, Activism, Sharia, Rant, AK47, etc etc)
If you are unsure about posting content save the blog as a draft and The AIM will check and publish it
The AIM Blog is not to be used to post anything that is contrary to it's beliefs
The AIM reserve the right to remove your blog if we feel it inappropriate for The AIM or our site

If anyone out there who is not a member wishes to contribute then please contact us.

Happy blogging members!


  1. looks tip top family great work family makes ya proud to be apart of the movement