Thursday, 17 June 2010

March Against Heroin, Friday 18th June, NJ

Via AIM Member Enki:


We all know it is out of hand. We all know we need to do something.

At 5pm on Friday we are going to march against the heroin problem that is spiraling out of control in Sussex County. We are going to march from the Mountain Creek North parking lot up route 94 to the A+P in Vernon and then back to the Cobblestone Square.

Upon returning to Cobblestone we will be having a rally in the Square. There will be speakers, open mics for anyone that wants to share their feelings about what's going on, relay their own experiences, voice opinions, or most importantly create solutions.

*[There will be live music from Keitcho's Peachos and Like The Movies at the conclusion of the event!]*

This is a COMMUNITY PROBLEM. It affects ALL OF US. We need to be proactive in taking a stand against this issue. We can not continue to hope it is going away. We need to come together and learn about what to look for, how to respond, and what to do. Collectively we will overcome this problem and triumph as a COMMUNITY.

There will be materials about where to get help for addiction, find meetings, or talk to people.

Please stop what you are doing on Friday and get out this very important step that we all must take together. We will begin amassing in the parking lot at 3pm. The march starts at 5pm.

If anyone needs a ride, has a question, a suggestion, or anything please
let us know.

Please try your best to DRESS IN BLACK. If you're unable to, come in whatever colors you need to be in to be present. It's more important that you're present!


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